Brand New Cherry Flavor: Official Trailer Is Out| Know Release Date and Expected Plot

Brand New Cherry Flavor

Have someone betrayed you over the past years and you want to take revenge on them? If your heart is hurt by anyone whether it is your friend or your partner then the new Netflix web series Brand New Cherry Flavor will tell you how to achieve this goal. 

However, after watching this thriller and horror movie you might don’t want to treat your friend in a certain way or might be. With a perfect mixture of horror and thrilling scenes. Netflix’s new movie is here to make you feel in a certain way that may affect you mentally. 


Recently, the popular streaming platform has released an official trailer which is quite strange and unpredictable. As I always used to say that Netflix is best when it comes to making their trailers amazing and full of suspense, unlike others. I hate when I can just make the whole story by looking at the trailer of the movies and shows. 

Never mind, now the web series has made its first appearance on the screen and the audience is eager to know what brings next, we are here. By investing a few minutes in this article, you will see everything about this new horror series, Brand New Cherry Flavor in detail, want to know? Keep staying in this article.

Brand New Cherry Flavor

Brand New Cherry Flavor

The American streaming series for Netflix, Brand New Cherry Flavor which is made by Nick Antosca. The director of this drama is famous for his sci-fi shows and crime series on Hulu and Syfy. It is his first time working with a Netflix series. 

Moreover, the movie centers around Rosa Salazar whom you know by her acting career on Alita: Battle Angel. Revolving around revenge and dark magic, this movie is absolute for someone who carves for such type of content. It also tells the audience that even if you are at your lowest point and want to make any big changes in your life, Revenge is not an option. And with dark magic, it would never be the best idea!

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Brand New Cherry Flavor: When is it coming?

Brand New Cherry Flavor

The official trailer of Brand New Cherry Flavor has made its way to finally reach the audience. Starring the young female actor who has been influenced by an old bitch magician in order to take revenge on some people is what Brand New Cherry Flavor is known for. 

If you are excited for this series to omen and wondering about the release date then don’t worry because it is coming on the screen very soon. The officials have recently announced the release date of this movie which is 13 August 2021. 

The time may change according to the Netflix formula of time management in different countries of the world. 

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Brand New Cherry Flavor: What will be the plot of this show?

Brand New Cherry Flavor updates

The movie starts with the setup of the 90s era where the time was a little changed and the fictional world has our main character Salazar in it. The time covers Salazar who is seen to be playing the character of a young girl named Lisa N. Nova. She is harassed by her producer Eric, who is a rich guy and uses his power and position to sell her in the name of money.

After getting to know about all these things, she gets super mad at his producer and wants to get revenge on him. He contacts a person, who later reveals herself as a witch and knows a lot about black magic. But why will she make such a big thing for free? When there is a work of revenge it never comes free, it has a certain price 

But the anger Lisa made her think about the consequences that can affect her and agreed to learn black magic. 

There is limited information revealed on the internet and to know everything you need to wait and then watch all the episodes on Netflix. The creators have revealed that the limited series will have 8 episodes, each consisting of an hour time frame. 

Brand New Cherry Flavor: Who is in this movie?

Brand New Cherry Flavor cast

Talking about the cast of this web series, which has been an important point of discussion of the article. Here, you will find everyone who is going to be cast in the upcoming horror series in detail. While some of the stars are well known to you, some might be new to you. 

Starting with the main character of the movie, Rosa Salazar who is playing the character of Lisa Nova, the main protagonist of the show. The movie centers on her and his revenge which makes the whole plot of the scene. 

Other than that we have Jeff Ward who is known for her role in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Netflix movie also cast Manny Jacinto who is a part of the famous series, The Good Place. Along with him, Hannah Levien, a character from The Magicians, and Leland Orser from I Am The Night.  

Moreover, Patrick Fischler, Nick Antosca, and Lenore Zion have worked in The Right Stuff, Channel Zero, and Billions.

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Where can I watch the Official trailer of it?

The official trailer of this horror series is already released on youtube. If you have not been able to see the trailer then don’t worry because we wouldn’t let you go anywhere without watching it. 

How Audience reacts to this web series?

The audience has been excited about this new web series and reacted positively towards the series. But I can’t really see that the movie has received the level of hype that it deserves. Even the official trailer has only received 140k views on the trailer. The fanbase was crazy over Katherine Keener and loved the trailer so far.

Moreover, the limited fans have been waiting for this limited series. The web series is yet to release and till then we need to wait for the overall reaction by the audience. As the releasing date is heading near, everyone is waiting to see what happens in it. 

Furthermore, as the series isn’t released so there aren’t any critic’s ratings and opinions for it. You need to wait for a while to get everything in your hand.

Final Words

Brand New Cherry flavor is ready to release on Netflix very soon. The release date for this new horror-comedy has been set to be on 13 August 2021. The movie casts various new faces for the first time and some well-known stars from your recent favorite movie. Horror, dark magic, and thrills have come forward to make this movie amazing. As the director, Nick Antosca said in his recent interview that this is his first time working with Netflix. 

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