Brace yourself because spoilers for Black Heist Season 4 ahead.


Money Heist, the renowned Spanish Heist Crime Drama, otherwise called La Casa De Papel and The Paper House was produced and delivered by Alex Pina.

Money Heist was first went live in May 2018 on Spanish system Antennas 3. Somewhere in the end of 2017, Netflix bagged the broadcasting rights and was now accessible around the globe. Since then, the show has witnessed gigantic fame everywhere throughout the world.


Money Heist has has been included in a lot of nominations and has earned various awards. It was a part of for six nominated and bagged two awards in 2017. It got selected for 5 nominations and bagged seven awards in the year 2018. Up until this point in 2018, five awards have been won by this series.

Season two of Money Heist went live in 2017 in October and the third season was revealed in July 2019. In any case, now that season four is about to be out, here are a few Quick Spoilers that may knock your socks off, so brace yourself:

• Nairobi is not dead yet! Yes, this might come as a surprise to many but she Is Still Alive

• Berlin is not dead either, still alive!

• The cop who is pregnant framing Brucelle is a part of them only. She is Berlin’s wife and her heist name is Paris.

These are enough spoilers for now.

The date of release of the fourth season was as yet a puzzle until Rodrigo De La Serna made us all thrilled by dropping the news that Money Heist season 4 would air on in 2020, on January 18th.

Although Netflix itself has not yet affirmed anything about the return of the show, however this is all the information we have collected so far. Stay tuned to know more exciting news about many more shows!