The boxing legend Leon Spinks the fighter who beat the famous Muhammad Ali back in the year 1978 is now fighting for his own life in Vegas Hospital. This is said according to a source, and his wife is asking for prayers so that he becomes well soon. Details surrounding the sixty-six-year-old condition are very much unclear, but we know that his family and his friends are very much concerned about this thing.

Leon’s wife, named Brenda, she went to the social media saying, or she asked some prayers for her husband to get well. She just wants her husband to get well soon, and she will be very happy if it happens as soon as possible.


Leon Spinks

The fighter has fought back from very serious medical situations from the past he has hospitalised again in the year 2014 after a piece of bone from a chicken wing caused major damage to his intestines, and he came out strong after that. The boxer underwent many surgeries, and he spent weeks and months recovering at the rehabilitation centre. He is a boxing legend he was inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame in the year 2017.

His 1978 victory over the greatest fighter Muhammad Ali to win the heavyweight championship of the world is widely considered one of the greatest upsets in the boxing history. The guy is also a military veteran who also served in the U.S Marines from the year 1973 till 1976.

He will always be one of the legends who beat another legend. The world will know what he did when he was young; his name is written in the Hall of Fame, and it will be a great memory. Let’s hope that he comes back soon and stronger enough for his wife and family.