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Bosch Season 4: All you need to know about Bosch Season 4, Plot, release date, cast and review

Bosch Season 4, Read the article to know Everything about the Release Date, Plot, cast and reviews!

What is Bosch season 4 all about:-

Starting with the first episode of season 4 we see Bosch trying hard to pursue the case of his mother’s murder where the murder of a powerful attorney hypes the city. Then in the second episode called dreams of Bunker Hill we see how Bosch pulls out all the possible ways to find about Elias murder and we also visualize Eleanor wish joining back in the federal bureau of investigation and jerry Edgar returning back to his job.

We then see a false alibi for which detective Santiago Robertson must put his personal relations aside and we see how Edgar is struggling to balance work and family together. In the 4th episode we see how detective Francis Sheehan tells the truth about his past to Bosch while Robertson starts suspecting about a mole in the department and how Elias’s murder creates tension leading Irving to intervene in the investigation.


In the following episode we witness how a brave soldier Bosch struggles to cope with the loss he has faced in the near past. And after a thorough investigation the task force comes down to two suspects.

I saw this series after waiting a long time for Jason Bourne 6 and BODYGUARD SEASON 2 but I believe that Bosch season 4 was better than them!

In the 6th and 7th episodes you see how the search for a person called Sheehan increases by the pressure of higher authorities. Meanwhile the cops wait for the scientific (ballistics) reports to confirm the suspicions. In the next episode we see how billets get troubled by two officers and the task force moving the case to conclusion, which did not satisfy Bosch as he felt something was fishy. Then later the Elias murder case takes an unexpected turn as the task force finds some incriminating evidences. Bosch’s suspicions come out to be true and he interviews a new suspect.


Billets, being an influential person strikes a deal with the activists while Irving realizes that his old friends has become his enemies. In the 9th episode Bosch finds out about the secret tunnel which starts from the Biltmore hotel’s kitchen and leads to angel’s flight, he then shows Jerry how walker had enough time to kill Elias and get back in time (20 minutes). If you think that this episode is mysterious then I am sure you haven’t checked out the Latest updates on Carnival Row Season 2.

In the final episode, there is so much to understand about the last episode of season 4 and there are some suspense breakers as well. But there wouldn’t be any fun in watching the season if I reveal the major spoiler, so it’s better to watch it.

Release date of Bosch Season 4:-

The season 4 of Bosch was released on 13th April 2018 on Amazon prime with 10 episodes like previous seasons.

The cast of Bosch season 4:-


  1. Crate and Barrel are Gregory and troy Evans detectives with lesser scenes compared to heroes
  2. Harry Bosch is Titus welliver, the rogue who does what he wants to do.
  3. Jerry Edgar is Jamie hector, who could not leave the hero alone.
  4. Irvin Irving is Lance reddick, an impressive guy with a bold voice.
  5. Grace Billets is Amy Aquino, approachable authority figure.
  6. Jimmy Robertson is Paul Calderon, a strong detective and to be honest more like a hero for people.
  7. Sgt. Mankiewicz is Scott klace, the Sherlock Holmes of the department.
  8. Detective Pierce is DaJuan Johnson, a hardworking detective often fooled by others.

Review of the Bosch season 4:-

With a dazzling and an expected rating of 9 on 10 by IMDb the bosch series has retained the position of being the best cop show made and the credits go to the creator of the show Michael Connelly, director Jim McKay and more importantly to the lead of the show Harry bosch (Titus welliver) whose unbelievable and constant acting was the main reason for the success of the show, Bosch never disappointed me neither he will disappoint you so watch it now only on Prime.

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