Born a Champion: What We Think About The Sequel!

Will Born a Champion 2 at any point get made? In January 2021, Lionsgate Entertainment released the original film. It follows a blended martial arts warrior at the nightfall of his career. The storyline takes place somewhere in the range of 1991 and 2001 and works to a climactic reveal that could be deciphered as a subsequent installment tease. Pushing ahead, Born a Champion 2 may be sure to happen. However, the central center will require a slight tweak (more on that underneath).

It stars Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondocks Saints) as Mickey Kelley, a Gulf War veteran who starts his MMA career during the early ’90s. In Dubai, he frames a companionship with an American paralegal named Layla (Katrina Bowden). Later endures what appears to be a career-finishing injury while going up against an up-and-comer named Marco Blaine.


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Mickey and Layla eventually marry and raise a youthful child, yet when clasps of Mickey’s past underground battles become famous online during the early 2000s. He chooses to continue his career and take on the man who defeated him years earlier. Born a Champion incorporates a cameo from Jiu-Jitsu legend Renzo Gracie.

The final act features Mickey’s mental and physical durability, as he loses a friend or family member and nearly loses his sight after getting back to the ring. During the climactic battle, it’s unclear if Mickey has sufficient physical solidarity to contend with a much youthful rival. Like all great games motion pictures, however, It incorporates a snapshot of redemptive wonder. It sets up a brand new storyline for the franchise to proceed. This is what to expect for Born a Champion 2.

Born A Champion 2 Story Details

Born a Champion closure in 2001 with Mickey – presently visually impaired – training his young child. For the spin-off, the narrative could get out ahead 20 years to the present and follow the more youthful Kelly’s career as a conspicuous UFC contender. Flanery could in any case return to a primary job. It’s conceivable he’ll repeat his character through flashbacks.

Whatever the case, the original film appears to set up a changed narrative. Proven by a mid-film second when Mickey guarantees his child that he can train once the gloves “fit.” The final minutes show the father and child grappling together, which recommends another lead should be cast for Born a Champion 2, potentially a real-life MMA warrior.


It incorporates two major turns that affect the casting for Born a Champion 2. For one’s purposes, Layla tragically passes on in a car accident. So Bowden wouldn’t return for a continuation except if it’s for a flashback cameo job. Two, Born a Champion suggests that Mickey passed on after his climactic battle from health complications. However, the final minutes show that he’s alive and well. However still a lot of visually impaired.

Considering that the central storyline rotates around whether Mickey’s final battle actually happened. At least according to the general public’s perspective – it’s a good idea that chief Alex Ranarivelo. His co-screenwriter Sean Patrick Flanery would support the character folklore by having their protagonist endure. For Born a Champion 2, all of the main supporting players would presumably return.

Is Born a Champion Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Born a Champion‘ isn’t based on a genuine story. Mickey Kelley’s character is absolutely fictional, and so is his story, as shown in the film. The makers have never claimed that this is a story established in reality. Although a few parts of the screenplay do take inspiration from Sean Patrick Flanery’s real life.

The Louisiana-born, Texas-raised actor is a real-life black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. A self-protection martial art and full-contact combat sport that’s based on grappling and accommodation hold and doesn’t feature kicks and punches. Flanery composed the original story for ‘Born a Champion‘ back in 2007. Then, at that point, fostered the screenplay in 2016 with Alex Ranarivelo.

It may not be based on a genuine story, however ‘Born a Champion‘ is certainly an affection letter to Brazilian jiu-jitsu from its long-term practitioner Sean Patrick Flanery.

Born A Champion 2 Release Date

Born a Champion 2 release date

Born a Champion was released on January 22, 2021, so the makers (ESX Entertainment, Forrest Films) will probably track VOD numbers for a very long time while assessing how the film resonates with its target demographic. And despite the fact that it incorporates some heavy melodrama at times.

There’s a lot to appreciate for casual moviegoers and MMA fans alike. In the event that the film turns into a VOD hit, anticipate that a sequel should be focused on for 2023. On the off chance that general reactions are simply lukewarm, 2024 may be set as a tentative release date for Born a Champion 2, if at all.

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