Bofuri Season 2 Is Officially Confirmed To Retuned in 2022

Bofuri Season 2

There are thousands of anime series that follow different genres and out of the fans are totally oriented towards that anime series that takes them to a different universe. While we as a human don’t have this technique to fulfill our fantasy world, the anime series has developed some similar anime to make us feel how it actually feels like. Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt So I’ll Max Out My Defense is the recently released anime series that delivers similar content. While we have much more anime that follows the same theme but none of them truly matches with the intensity of Bofuri. With its first season coming to an end, fans are waiting for Bofuri Season 2 to be released soon. 

Inspired by the novel series that shares the same name, the novel was released in 2016. Written by Yuumikan and illustrated by Koin, Bofuri follows the story of Kaede Honjō and his obsession with video games. After the manga got popular among the people, Silver Link decided to adapt the sources and make an anime into it. It took the studio nearly 4 years to actually come out with the anime show. Nevertheless, the anime was absolutely great and the storyline of the series has hooked the fans with it.


Ever since the anime came to Netflix, the fans were excited to witness all the incidents relating to the anime show. The show was really intriguing and it kept the fans hooked up with the storyline through the first season. The ending episodes of the first season were really amazing and it left the audience to ask several questions regarding the show itself. Now, fans are asking questions regarding Bofuri Season 2. Will there be a Bofuri Season? If you are someone who is wondering about the second season then this article is right for you.

Bofuri: Know Everything About it!

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Bofuri is a Japanese anime series that is inspired by a novel that shares the same name. Upon the release of its manga, it created a huge hype among the people and the readers loved the show thoroughly. As soon as the manga was released, Silver Link decided to adapt the show into an anime series. 

In 2016, the manga series was officially started publishing on the online website Shōsetsuka ni Narō. After a year, the manga was adapted into a novel that was licensed by Fujimi Shobo. The anime series was adapted in 2020 and created a long run for the audience to know what exactly feels to be in the gamer’s world. 

New viewers are considerably increasing on the anime series and fans are waiting for the creators to announce the second season. Ever since the anime was landed on Netflix, it came out as a huge platform in the increment of its viewership and popularity through their platform. Bofuri was concluded after airing 16 episodes but the story is not yet completed. 

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Bofuri Season 2: Will there be another season?

Bofuri Season 2

Released in 2020, Bofuri Came out as an expectational anime show that has created huge popularity among the viewers. As the show encounters its release on Netflix, the world wide fans gave a chance to this anime series and makes the show a hit for the studio. 

Bofuri is one of the highly anticipated anime series that is loved for its amazing visuals and graphics by the audience. Though the popularity of the show is not that much it is still enough for the Netflix and studio to release another season. 

The officials have finally revealed the future of the series. Recently, Bofuri Season 2 was officially confirmed and the studio greenlit the series for its second installment. 

The fans were afraid for the future of the series because the first season was based on the manga series which have limited editions. The studio has already adapted the whole novel and there is nothing to leave behind. 

However, there is manga series that is already running but it is totally separate from the novel and has different licenses. Keeping this aside, the second season is coming, and not only this but it is designed to be released soon. The fans are highly delighted for the anime show and looking forward to watching its second installment. 

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Bofuri Season 2: When is it going to be Released?

Bofuri Season 2 updates

The second season of the anime series is renewed. While most of the anime takes a longer duration to get adapted and renewed for another season, Bofuri is completely different from it. The first season tied up the whole storyline and as soon as it ended, the officials instantly renewed the show for its second season. 

Bofuri Season 2 is officially announced to be released in 2022. As for now, the release date is already confirmed however there is no exact date for the anime to come out. The global pandemic is definitely becoming a big hurdle for the release of the anime series. Earlier, the anime came out in the midway of the pandemic crisis, and tools like the second season are going to follow up the same path.

The officials have not revealed if the production has already ended or if it is undergoing some changes. We don’t know if the coronavirus will make any big impact on the production of the show or not. Since the countries are already shutting down, there is a lot of discussion among the people regarding the future of the series. 

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Bofuri Season 2: Who will be back in the show?

Bofuri Season 2

The anime series will bring back the characters of the series. All the characters are confirmed to be back in the show. So far, there are no updates regarding anyone leaving or joining the series. We are confirmed that everyone will be back and you can encounter your favorite characters. Below, we have mentioned the characters and the voice-over artist of the anime series.

  • Jas Saxton as Risa
  • Megan Shipman as Kaede
  • Tia Linn Ballard as Kasumi
  • Monica Rial as Dorazou
  • Anthony Bowling as Kuromu
  • Sara Ragsdale as May
  • Sonny Strait as Administrator
  • Lindsay Siedel as Frederica
  • Luci Christian as Administrator
  • Ben Phillips as Administrator
  • Kaedo Hondo as Administrator
  • Caitlin Glass as Iz
  • Mike Farland as Dread 
  • David Wald as Administrator
  •  Kylie Stewart as Administrator