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“BODYGUARD SEASON 2” confirmed? check out everything we know so far

Read this article to know about release date, cast, flashback, plot and much more:-

Pretty much every viewer of bodyguard season one, throughout the world has been enquiring the same question for more than a year now,

Will there be a Bodyguard Season 2?

For the time-being, we can only confirm that season 2 is definitely happening. And why is this even a question? The first season was BBC’s One of the most-watched series and the last episode was the most-watched episode of a American political thriller TV show that gained enormous popularity as soon as it was launched, making it a global success with 17.1 million views.

Bodyguard has also won many awards like the Golden Globe award for best television series in drama. Richard Madden also won the golden globe award for best actor in Television series drama.

So when will the season 2 be released?

All the cast members have unofficially hinted that a second season will be made soon. In addition to it the show creator Jed Mercurio has said that there will possibly be four seasons before the story is completed, great news right?

When asked for the reason of delay, show creator Jed Mercurio said that he and Richard Madden (David Budd) have been quite busy from a long time as he is leading star in another blockbuster series called “Line of Duty” by BBC One. To keep us excited about the release, Jed Mercurio and Madden have been dropping points about “Bodyguard” season 2. In September 2018, Mercurio stated that “just beginning talks with the BBC about a second season” and then the coming month, Madden shared his plans to meet with Mercurio about where the show would go from here.

On 6th of November 2019, this was the tweet done by Jed Mercurio.

Season 1 actor Nicholas Gleaves (Conservative Party Chief Whip Roger Penhaligon) confirmed in an interview with Radio Times, “I spoke to the producer a month ago and he absolutely guaranteed that there would be a second series, and he absolutely guaranteed that he’s no idea when it’s going to be.” And thus creating more mysteries on the release date.

Bodyguard Season 2 Cast:-

Bodyguard Season 2 cast has not been announced yet but as per our assumptions, the lead actor of the show, Richard Madden (David Budd) will surely remain unchanged. The writer of the show has already confirmed that David Budd will be back for the season 2.


Other returns of the show will include Gina McKee as Commander Anne Sampson, Nina Toussaint White as DS Louise Rayburn, Sophie Rundle as Vicky Budd, and Ash Tandon as DCI Deepak Sharma. These characters will probably be seen in season 2.

And there might be discussions on whether or not to take other members such as Paul Ready as Rob MacDonald, Richard Franklin as Tom Fenton, Vincent Franklin as Mike Travis, David Westhead as John Voster (Prime Minister), Michael Schaeffer as Richard Longcross, Stephanie Hyam as Chanel Dyson, Pippa Haywood as Chief Superintendent Lorraine Craddock, Matt Stokoe as Luke Aikens, Nicholas Gleaves as Roger Penhaligon.

And Keeley Hawes as Julia Montague may or may not come in season 2 (Read the plot to know the reason).



As interesting as the first season was, many of us have blurred out the details of it so let’s recall,


The show is based on a war veteran who was later shown as the bodyguard David Budd (Richard Madden), whose task was to protect the Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes). But like every other show including Riverdale season 5 here too begins the romance between the two of them, which becomes a little complicated and not forgetting the fact that she has a threat on her life makes it more thrilling to watch. When home secretary starts to fall in love with Budd she dies (or does she?) in what appears to be a terrorist attack. Meanwhile Budd has been framed for the murder of his love, Montague. As he starts to prove his innocence, he finds out about the conspiracy of cops and organised crime boss Luke Aitkens, who wanted to stop Montague from becoming Prime Minister.

At the crust of the scandal is the leak of some incriminating kompromat, which forces both the Prime Minister and the Director-General of MI5 to resign. Crime boss Luke Aitkens also was arrested in the finale and Budd is cleared of the murder charges. As a person, who has faced a lot of heart-breaking situations David Budd undergoes occupational health therapy and reunites with his wife and kids.


I, as a binge watcher fell in love with this series when I saw Budd’s acting when he stopped a suicide bomber from blowing up a train. It created suspense and pure tension for the viewers. I cannot compare Budd’s acting to anyone but still Rycroft would give him a tough competition, check Latest updates on Carnival Row Season 2 to understand what I am talking about. And while the remaining series is a little more fantabulous than the amazing start, it sustains the viewer’s attention throughout the season. And I believe that season 2 will be as exciting as the season 1, but what could be the possible plot?


What could we expect?

From season 1, we believe that the ending was quite a happy one as Budd reunites with his family, so we might think that the story has ended, but has it?

Because still there are many things unsolved, For starters, there are no evidence shown that proves that Julia Montague is dead and if she is not she might run for the prime minister’s post in the next season. Season 2 might also see the return of the shady MI5 Agent known as “Richard Longcross” who escaped the police custody in the first season.


While we don’t have an exact plot details, Richard Madden has said in an interview to that season 2 won’t just pick up where the first one left off. When speaking to the Reporter, he said that, “You cannot jump into it. David Budd definitely needs a vacation after that. He’s not going to go back to work, is he? And also he’s the most famous man in London because of what happens at the end of episode six. He couldn’t just go straight back into work…Me and Jed both agree that there’s something much more interesting in, ‘Let’s catch up with him 18 months later, two years later after this has happened and say where is he now? What’s happened to him?”

There are possibly many plots to be written on and it completely depends on the writer to choose that, Is he going to continue the previous season or will he be writing a new story where David Budd will guard another politician or a king maybe Joe bidden?

We have to be patient:

All questions will be answered in the near future and I hope that Bodyguard Season 2 will also be a blockbuster like the previous one, we just have to wait till we get an official announcement. Till then keep visiting this page for updates and until then you can read about this amazing series called Jack Ryan season 3.

Where to Watch Bodyguard Online?

Bodyguard series is a series from the BBC network. The first season of the show was weekly premiered on BBC. You can watch the first season of the show on BBC on television. You can also binge-watch season one on Netflix.

Thank you for reading this article, stay connected for further updates!

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