Better Call Saul opened its fifth season with the longest scene of Gene Takovic yet. We know that Gene Jimmy or Saul Goodman alter ego. After the events of Breaking Bad, we can see that Gene is working at a Cinnabon in a Nebraska mall in secret. The people keep recognizing him from his Saul Goodman ads in Albuquerque through.

Normally the scene of Gene is just the teaser for the beginning of their season, but we saw that the season 5 premiere spent a very good portion of the episode with Gene in black and white. Odenkirk himself reacted to the scene when he was seen speaking with the reporters on January 16th better Call Saul airs on Sunday nights at 8 PM on AMC.

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In the new season five, when the cab driver recognized Gene as Saul Goodman, that was in private between the two of them in the car. This time, Albuquerque native confronts Gene in the public mall. Gene calls ED to pull him out of the hiding, but then he reconsiders.

It is always dangerous when someone recognizes Gene. Saul had ties to Walter White, so both the law and the cartels could be looking for him this could have been possible. Odenkirk thinks that it is inevitable that Saul will be coming forward.

Odenkirk also says that he doesn’t think that he can stay in the character. He also says that he has got to say that he is Saul Goodman to someone who knew him or even to the whole world. He justs wonders that he is not great with the specifics of the rules of this universe, as Peter and Vince.

It could be that enough time has passed since Breaking bad that now nobody is trying to call Saul anymore.