“Blue’s Clues” Is Back In New Graphics And Wants A Whole New Generation To Enjoy The Silence


Blue’s Clues & You! There are a new host and new graphics, but the same charm that children of the millennium fell in love with.

Watching an episode of “Blues Clues” is just as engaging as Lo-Fi during the show.

The set is nothing more than a green screen with only one color wrapped. Behind that table, new hosts Joshua Della Cruz and Blue’s original sail, Steve Burns, are deciding what Christmas trees their various animated friends will like.

As Del Cruz mimicked the sound of a child landing a rocket ship with all the excitement, the staff sitting behind the rows of monitors at Studio Koo and Jiggle. “That was so cute!” Has whispered more than once.

Almost a month after Blue’s Clues and You premiered on November 11, the latest iterations of a beloved preschool feature a cartoon dog and his human pal puzzle. The shooting of the new show is taking place in Toronto, and to date, in particular, Del Cruz and Burns are shooting episodes of future vacation.

The reboot is more than a homecoming for the show’s stars and producers – as well as millennials who watched as children – as if it’s a new series for kids that was a trailblazer in children’s television.

When Blue’s Clue first aired in 1996, it broke as the first show for preschoolers that broke the fourth wall and left the audience room to host, to begin with, Burns Hui. It ran until 2006 with Donovan Patton (known as “Joe”), replacing Burns for the past four years.

However this time things will be a bit different. Blue and his friends are now building computers, Della Cruz’s trusty notebook is also a smartphone and the iconic rugby ear Blue.

But much is also the same as the original, including the signature pauses for silence. As Dela Cruz and Burns act out their lines, there are long pauses. To an adult, it feels awkward, like a space that needs filling. But to a preschool audience, this is the magic that made Blue’s Clues a hit.

“To me, the show looks so different. I see a lot of differences. But I think the thing that’s the same as what we did is the silence and the fact that our show leans into silence,” Burns told BuzzFeed News. “My favorite thing about Blue’s Clues is the amount of silence.”

Both Burn and Patton will appear in the reboot – Burns is also writing and directing a few episodes – and their involvement also means they can take Della Cruz under their wing. According to him, he fit right in.

Della Cruz came on the show on Broadway via Aladdin, and it’s also a huge dose of misery for her. When she was younger, she used to watch the show with her younger sister.

“It’s very exciting, but I do myself in a pinch because I’m like, you just shared a screen with Donovan and Steve, you were looking at the other side of the screen, and you just spent the night with them. Spent. ” The food and it didn’t matter, you were just old friends coming back together, which is the best thing ever.

Tracy Paige Johnson, one of the show’s original creators, told Buzzfeed News that the trio shares a special type of personality that helps them advance the show.

The trick, Burns said, remembering that you are not the star of the show – that the child is watching. It is up to them how the host has to solve Blue’s clue, the host is just along for the ride.

Burns and Johnson remember that they made the first episode in a cellar in the 90s, then quietly awaited the premiere.

Of course, this time is different. Along with social media, publicity has been built around the reboot as Nickelodeon released the teaser. Della Cruz also went viral on Twitter after someone found some shirtless Instagram photos and declared her a thirst trap.

When you’re taking a classic and rebooting it, there are a lot of people who won’t like it, but the response is unprecedented, “said.” When Nickelodeon leaked a short video of Josh calling Steve and Joe and just guarding these 20-year-olds.

it’s just a beautiful feeling that we touched so many people and all too many to come back Were excited. it’s like a casual meal. For the soul.


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