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“Blue Bloods” featured the return to guest star Lou Diamond Phillips

This week’s episode of Blue Bloods featured the return to guest celebrity Lou Diamond Phillips, Whose Luis Delgado more proved to be a thorn in Detective Danny Reagan’s side.

Delgado is still making it difficult for Danny to get offenders while the character is more sympathetic than he was last season. Delgado wanted Danny and Detective Maria Baez to be sure his sons are protected, this week.

When we first met Delgado at the beginning of Season 9, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) was convinced Delgado had something to do with the death of his spouse, Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson). However, the real culprit turned out to be Jose Rojas (Danny Trejo), who also killed Delgado’s wife. Currently, Danny and Delgado are linked by tragedies.

In”Where The Truth Lies,” prosecutors asked Danny to speak with Delgado set his former fellow cartel members behind bars. They need him to testify against them or they will have no case, however, Delgado needs evidence that his sons will not be harmed. Delgado insisted Danny watch them over, not anyone else.

Later on, Delgado’s kids Were taken hostage from the cartel. One of his sons called Danny and, while being held at gunpoint, told Danny that Delgado could not testify if he wanted his son Carlos to reside. Hours later, A.D.A. Silver Mancuso (Damon Daunno) told Danny and Baez that they can’t tell Delgado his son was kidnapped. The detectives discovered this preposterous.

When They met Delgado, Mansuco told Delgado but Danny could never tell a lie. A furious Delgado then lunged in the prosecutor, forcing Baez and Danny and him to pull on Delgado apart. Delgado gave the name of the person who told him that his boys were in trouble with Baez.

During this week’s dinner table, The issues of Danny came. He had been late after working 22 hours straight. Frank (Tom Selleck) told him he wasn’t likely to help anyone working that much and Pops (Len Cariou) noticed how ironic it was Delgado and Danny were about the same team now.

The Baez told Danny about the grapevine that finished understanding of the threat. Mancuso became more agitated about what they knew, after learning. He told Danny he was trying to save hundreds of lives.

“We are trying to save one life!” Danny fired back again. “The life of a small boy! That is what we care about.”

Danny Later spoke with the messenger, who refused to cooperate until he was told by them his pregnant spouse was under arrest. Then, the beans were spilled by the messenger. Carlos was being hauled somewhere upstate and Danny led a team of officers to the location. Thankfully, they found Carlos.

Next, Danny met Delgado out of prison after federal prosecutors offered him watch protection.

“Perhaps I should change my title to Danny Reagan,” Delgado joked. “I hear he’s a bad a–.”

“He is a family man,” Danny fixed him. “A widower who only wishes to boost his two boys”

“Me too,” Delgado said.

Delgado said he didn’t know how to thank him but Danny understood. Delgado needed to take the rack to help set the cartel members.

“Will do,” Delgado agreed.

Elsewhere In this week’s incident, Erin (Bridget Moynahan) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) reamed up to solve a murder case. A widow (guest star Anika Larsen) blamed Frank for the police officer’s husband’s suicide. This inspired Frank to look into police officer suicides.

New Blue Bloods events air on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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