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Bloodshot To be Released Digitally on March 24

Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot is the latest addition to the superhero action thriller genre by Sony Pictures releasing during a time where superhero-based movies are extremely famous.

But things have turned out bitter for the movie due to rapidly spreading the coronavirus pandemic. As the number of affected people all around the world has already crossed more

than 250 thousand, the number of deaths has risen to 13000 globally.

The audiences are staying at their homes to prevent themselves from getting affected. Now, understanding the depth of the situation, Tim Rothman, the chairman of SPE’s Motion Picture Group, announced that the movie will now not be running in the theatres instead it will be available to watch by staying at home after its digital release on March 24 that is just a week after its global release. He also mentioned that the viewers willing to watch the movie could buy in digital format at retail price.

The movie Bloodshot is based on the characters introduced by Valiant comics of the same name, which was created by Kevin VanHook. The star of Furious series Vin Diesel along with Guy Pierce and Tony Kebbel portrays the primary characters in the film, which is directed by David S.F Wilson on his directorial debut. The movie was only able to collect 25.1 million in its first week against the budget of 45 million.

Sony Pictures hopes to balance its budget by earning through digital release instead of letting piracy overtake their content. If things had gone perfectly, Sony desired to set up a new universe with the characters from Valiant comics and then eventually share the cinematic universe with other popular franchise Harbinger. But, for the time being, all the plans are uncertain, thanks to the annoying coronavirus pandemic.

Well, this is it, guys. Let us hope the best for the entire team of Bloodshot.



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