Bloodshot : Honest Review Of The Vin Diesel Superhero Starrer


Bloodshot is a character where a man and his beloved die. Then through enhanced nanotechnology, science brings back life into the man. But as all superhero movies show it not just being him his life back but also some extra superpowers to make him superhuman. He trains with the soldiers and tries hard to get back his memory. After a lot of struggle in the process of recalling his memory, he finally succeeds and gets to know the avenges the death of his wife and himself by the killing person behind this. So all together puts the character Bloodshot. This is done by the Valiant movies.

Honest Review of Bloodshot :

Vin Diesel plays the role of Ray Garrison. Ray has resurrected thanks to RST Corporations. A big thanks to Dr.Emil Harting who just bring life into Ray but also gives him more than the required power to avenge his death. Always Ray will be getting the flashing images of his death and goes to avenge his death. This keeps ongoing. This is a fight against Ray for his freedom. Coming to the acting abilities of Vin Diesel this is quite the same as the Wolverine other than the claws.

Showing him as a multi-billion-dollar prototype is quite reasonable for the kind of abilities he possesses as per the comics. Director David S.F Wilson has made the background and visual effects more the same as the games and the looks in comics. So this makes the viewers feel like a first-person-shooter game.

Mostly all the aspects of the movie don’t look original other than Beyond Gonzalez bringing a touch of dimension to this movie. So considering all the aspects of the movie, this is for those people who are currently in a mood of escaping somewhere. This is to those who just watch movies for entertainment and not try to search scientific logic behind it.

While comedy is added by Lamorne Morris to give the audience a short break with non-stop action sequences. The movie has premiered on March 13 while there is no chance or any scope as of now for the sequel of this movie.


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