Bloodshot : A Perfect Tailor-Fit Movie For Vin Diesel


Vin Diesel right from his career start in Hollywood seemed like following Sylvester Stallone’s path. He has always bounced back much harder whenever he faced a failure. He is so stubborn and hardworking man.

His stubborn character :

In the early 2000’s he is on top of all as he had two biggest actions in his hand. One being Fast and Furious and the other XXX. While the Chronicles of Riddick was a complete disaster. But it did not influence to even step an inch backward. Years after another Riddick movie came up. Then he took the Fast and Furious franchise to the next level. Thanks to his dedication and stubbornness.

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He has been the mainstay voice for the Groot of MCU’s Guardians of the galaxy. The Last Witch Hunter did not get good numbers but the sequel is coming up as we all about Vin Diesel. Now Bloodshot is his first superhero movie as Groot is just giving the voice.

Variant’s Bloodshot might be a hit at box+office but it won’t even affect a bit for Vin Diesel. His distinctive physicality and rumbly voice recall an earlier era of action stars. Rather than saying that he is traveling on the path of Sylvester Stallone, it better to say that he has paved a Vin Diesel way.

Tailor-made movie for him :

In this movie, Vin Diesel will be playing the role of a Bloodshot, who is a soldier. He gets kidnapped and got killed. After the help of doctors using some nanotechnology stuff, he doesn’t just get his life back but also attains superpowers. Now he will always get flashing images to his death which triggers him to avenge his death. This cycle of avenging his death keeps on going just like himself in real life keep on going with the action stuff no matter whatever the result is. So Bloodshot is the perfect tailor-fit movie for Vin Diesel.