Blood and Water Ending Explained: Is Season 2 Coming Soon?

Blood and Water Season 2

Blood and Water Season 2: The Netflix is among the largest streaming platform with its bang on releases in this time of quarantine. One more series in the list of binge-watching is Blood And Water. The 1st season of the series was released no later than sooner.

It came out on the 20th May 2020 and revolves around the story of elite teenage students from the posh area of the Cape Town. The first season of the series got a huge fan base and now the fans are eagerly waiting for the next season of the series. In fact, there are a lot of rumours about the ending of the first season of the series.

‘Blood and Water’ Ending Explained

Every Detail about - Blood and Water Season 2

The above story contains the spoilers from season 1. As you know if you have watched the series, the plot for the first season revolves around the life of Puleng and Fikele. The story is mainly about is Fikele the biological elder sister of Puleng or not. Fikele was kidnapped from the hospital right after her birth. The show also covers the parts of elitist casts in the Cape Town. It depicts what are the differences between the common people and elite ones.

Later on, the story moves forward as Fikele discovers that Puleng is following her and this moves the story towards the finale. The series unravels a lot about its characters. Fikele’s affair with her swimming coach come out open in the air.

After that, the series takes a weird side. In the finale, we witness an awkward encounter between Puleng’s boyfriend, Fikele’s mom and Fikele herself. Puleng and KB confess their love and sort out things in the finale. The end also takes a turn towards the revelation of child trafficking work. Later Puleng unravels that Fikele is her biological elder sister.

‘Blood and Water’ Season 2 Plot?

As we all know that season 1 ended no later than sooner on a chilling note, it will soon return. But there must be no expectations of return before the next year or more. In season 2 we could expect a bond between Fikele and Puleng. Apart from the lovie dovie sisters, the new season will also include the story of child trafficking. It will show how exactly the child trafficking took place, the reasons and its story. Well till any further update the best we could do is wait for the next season of the series.


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