Blake Shelton Clock Back to Ellen DeGeneres

Can the question pop to his girlfriend Gwen Stefani?
That was the big question on Ellen DeGeneres’ head when she reminded Shelton that time waits for nobody throughout his look on her talk show.
In order to relationship life, DeGeneres brought time up on her show once she gifted him a clock with a picture of that and Stefani smooching.
“Let’s Share Gwen,” DeGeneres said in the clip printed Friday. “I gave you a clock. Remember that clock? To remind you time is ticking.”
Shelton, however, fired he made to maintain the clock so”time did not really begin ticking right now.”
“But You did not give it to me,” he explained. “Like, I walked, and a person was like,’ Hey, thanks for being on the show. I have this?’ Plus they took it and I haven’t seen it.”
He added: “You took it back since whoever your Next guest was, you did exactly the same thing and had substituted the picture.
Same crap into them and embarrassed them.”
DeGeneres was not fazed by Shelton’s comeback, responding,”You are right, because we did this to Jennifer Lopez. And she’s engaged.”
DeGeneres provided Shelton a distinctive opportunity to guest host”The Ellen DeGeneres Show” sometime. She gave him for what he could do on air when Shelton agreed, a few ideas.
“You will have Gwen on,” she proposed. “You can have anybody on. You could propose for her”
“You’re right,” Shelton replied. “I actually could. I will save that for you and this show”