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Blackpink: The Movie Became The Highest Grossing Movie Of 2021

Blackpink: The Movie

What happens when famous people release their long-awaited movies? I don’t know, Ask  Blackpink Duh! Blackpink, a famous Korean girl group has just released their movie, Blackpink: The Movie Which is turned out to be a blockbuster hit. 

The famous Korean girl group has been famous all over the world. Their fans, Blinks, have been waiting for the movie for so long and now it is finally here. Blackpink: The Movie has been released on Netflix this year. Prior to this movie, the girl group released another documentary movie Light up the Sky on Netflix. 


The second and another documentary film has been up on Netflix that shows all about the life of these four pretty girls. This Documentary film will tell us all Behind the stage happenings during their tour and album-making process. 

As the movie is already released, here is everything that you need to know about the movie. If you haven’t watched the movie yet and want to know everything about the movie in detail then this article will help you.

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Blackpink: Know About the Famous Girl Group!

The K-pop sensation group Blackpink falls under YG Entertainment and has been their artist for quite a time now.  Blackpink: The Movie is what it dictates about the life of these four girls. Before starting with the actual topic, I would like to give you a quick brief about the group. 

YG Entertainment is one of the most named entertainment companies of the South Korean brand. The Entertainment came to light after their popular boy band, Big Bang. Subsequently, the company released another well-known group 2ne1. 

After this huge success, Blackpink was formed after YG Entertainment held the worldwide audition for their preteen and new girl group. All the members were taken from different parts of the world. The first member of the group was Kim Jennie who joined the company in 2009. After that, Lisa joined the entertainment company in 2010.

Similarly, after 2 months of Lisa, Jisoo got in the group and the last but not the least was Rose. 

After 5 years of hard training, these girls finally debuted in 2016 and their first song that broke the chart was “Whistle”. The song has now gained more than 650 Million views on the internet. 

Blackpink: The Movie

Blackpink: The Movie was the project under YG Entertainment project 4+1. The project was made after the girl group completed their 5 years of togetherness within the company as a girl group. You can think of this as the 5th year anniversary of the group. On such a big occasion, the company decided to launch a movie for their fans that will make them love their girls. 

As Blackpink fans are known as Blinks these blinks from all over the world tried their best to wait for the movie and then watch it. 

There is no doubt that these k-pop fans have been waiting for so long that they don’t think a second to watch the movie. Despite all the covid-19 pandemic all over the world,  Blackpink: The Movie has reportedly become the topmost grossed movie of 2021. 

According to the Korean news, Blackpink: The Movie has earned $4.8 million-plus in the cinema world. This made the movie the topmost grossed movie in the entertainment world. As covid-19 was a big problem in front of the movies and in this case, it became important for the company to digitally release the movie.

Blackpink: The Movie was released in almost 100 territories and the blinks have made sure that their group gets the best.

Blackpink: The Movie- What is it About?

Blackpink: The Movie revolves around the four Korean girl groups which acquired success in their 20s. Blessed with amazing vocals and talent, these girls started their musical journey through a big company, YG Entertainment. 

They have won many awards, achieved many achievements, and made many fans over the years. After successfully completing 5 years with YG Entertainment, the girl group released their own movie. It’s not like it was the first movie, Netflix has already collaborated with Blackpink and produced Light Up the Sky. 

Blackpink: The Movie has made a new movie which will help the viewers about the life of the girls. The movie will be based on the concert and if anyone has not got the chance to watch the whole concert, the movie will give you all the insights. 

Moreover, the movie will motivate the young people out there who have been working hard. In a scene, we saw our favorite Lisa break down. Rose also bent interest after she remembers how she became distant from her family and she never really thought of this. With the help of this movie, we have shown every aspect of their life.

According to me, it would be the best scene out of the whole movie as it tells how much these young artists are doing in their life. Sometimes, we forget that these people are also human and idolizes them as something superior. With the series of time, you’ll find out a lot of things about the group, their songs, their working and all.

Blackpink: The Movie – Where Can I Watch the Movie?

Are you excited to watch these young girls on the screen? Well if you are already a blink and were excited about the movie but don’t know where to watch it then I am your Unnie to help you. 

Jennie, Rose, Jisoo, and Lisa are back with their brand new movie and you shouldn’t miss it anyway. If by any chance you don’t know where you can stream the movie then remember where you watched Blackpink: Light up the Sky! You got it, right? 

Blackpink: The Movie is available on Netflix to stream. If you have a Prime subscription to the Giant OTT platform then you can absolutely watch the movie for free. 

You can also check out some of the famous shows and movies on their platforms like Sex Education, Money heist, Riverdale, Last Kingdom, and much more.

Is there any official trailer for the movie?

The movie was released on 4 august and Netflix has already released the official trailer of the movie prior to the release date. Well! The trailer came out and blew the internet. Blinks were fast to click on the video compared to any other person and we knew this isn’t the first time they have done something like that. 

Last time, when the girl group released their song ‘How You Like That’ the fans blew up the internet by breaking the record of the fastest 100 million views. Later the record was broken by famous Korean boyband BTS after they released their song Dynamite. 

If you haven’t watched the official trailer of the movie yet then don’t worry. We are here to tell you about everything about the upcoming movie. Check out the official trailer of Blackpink: The Movie by clicking the video below. 

Korean dreams are really making their place in the world of cinemas and no matter how much we watch these dramas, it becomes important to watch every new one. Recently, Netflix has made an exclusive k-drama named You are my spring. The show has been receiving great feedback from the people. With its special episode, You are Spring releasing on their platform, you shouldn’t miss it.

What are the ratings of the Movie?

Let’s end this article by checking the ratings of the new movies that have already topped the charts by becoming one of the most grossed movies in 2021. 

The IMDb rating of the movie is 7.5/10. On the other hand, the rotten tomatoes have rated the movie with 70% of ratings. 

The audience has been super excited for the movie to release. Blinks from all over the world started to stream the movie. Despite the covid-19 condition, the movie still became a blockbuster hit. The audience rating summary has subsequently seen positive feedback from the fans. Blinks have rated the movie with 4.8 stars. 

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