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Blackpink: The Movie

Blinks, Are you ready? Your favorite girls are coming back with a brand new movie Blackpink: The Movie, I know you can’t be more excited about it. From getting Rose’s solo to their official big comeback after 2 years, It was a great journey for you all. The biggest girl group in the world, The Blackpink, has made great achievements over the years but I particularly think that last year was great for them. 

YG entertainment which is already a popular south Koran entertainment company, who is popular for their artist like Big Bang and 2ne1 debuted Blackpink in 2016. While the girls were actually practicing for 2013 to become that perfect girl group. And it happens!

From getting to know the best K-pop girl group and achieving many titles and awards, they are here. 

As a tradition of South Korean people, who love to celebrate every occasion and above all the k-pop idols are known to rejoice on their debut date. Blackpink who debuted in 2016 with their song “Boombayah” is going to celebrate its fifth year anniversary this year. 

On that occasion, they are releasing their movie for their Blinks. 

In this article, we’ll be going to talk about your favorite Girl group Blackpink and their upcoming movie in detail. It would mean a world to me if my blinks can read this article till the end and comment how they like this article from a fellow blink. 

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Blackpink: The Movie

Blackpink: The Movie updates

In 2020, Blackpink came up with their Documentary, Light up the sky, which was a Netflix original video. The fans loved all the behind the process and everything from their concert and they earned more fans to the fandom. 

This year, YG entertainment finally gave a solo album to Rose, after blinks continuously asking for it for so many years. As the year is going to an end and YG is known to celebrate with their girls, we have “The Movie”

Sometimes, I really think that the entertainment company can’t even find a name like they have titled the Album as “The Album ” and now the movie as “The Movie”. I think the next Lisa solo will definitely be “The Solo”. Well, Jokes apart but the movie is going to happen after the Entertainment company officially announced it earlier this week. The fans are excited for the movie as it revolves around all the five years these girls debuted. 

I personally think that this is a smart idea as both fans and the company will be satisfied. We have already seen every part of K-pop idol’s life through the videos but what they will show to us will be different. 

Blackpink: The Movie – When it is Going to Release?

Blackpink kpop group

The YG entertainment company, which handled the official Instagram account of Blackpink reveals that the movie will be premiering soon. Earlier they only released the releasing month which by the way we all knew, August. 

As Blackpink debuted in August 2021 it is likely for the company to release the movie in the same month. But now they have released the confirmed release date and fans couldn’t be more excited. The official release date for Blackpink’s The Movie to be released is 4th August. 

The time or date may vary according to the location and the company promises to make the date for it too. Also, In the Official teaser photo, we saw the members’ names i.e, Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa

The movie falls under YG’s project of 4+1 and there are still hopes that we might get some more songs before the end of this year too. Well, Blinks are crossing their fingers to make this actually happen. 

Obsessing over romantic movies? Well, LOVE is something that is an underrated show but the audience loved it. 

Blackpink: The Movie – What is it about?

Blackpink: The Movie release date

The 2020 documentary show, Light up the sky revolves around the four young girls and their journey to the concert. The show covers the Coachella shows which were attended by the girls, their experience through it. We also saw different artists throughout the shows. Not only this but the story covered some of the behind scenes of the girls and their struggle before and after the concert. It gives a good insight into the blinks of what happened within the show. 

Now, the group is ready to release their all-new movie and we can easily predict what it’s going to look like. As the movie comes under the project of Project 4+1, which is nothing but the fifth year anniversary of our favorite girl group. 

Through this video, we all will come across the things that had happened with the Blackpink. I am sure that the movie will take us to the journey of Blackpink through the starting, where they all meet. It will take us to the initial good old days where the group was initially started. Their dance choreography, their songs. 

Many blinks are aware that all the four girls come from different backgrounds and they were actually made to come together as a team. I am also excited to see the official video which is probably unseen by the fans. Through the video, I would expect much more than I expected. 

Comment down what you think about the upcoming movie? Tell us about your predictions about the movie. 

How does the Blink react to this news?

After the news broke out, “The Movie” was trending at the top on Twitter. The Blinks started to feel crazy and they were excited for the movie to happen super soon. I have been reading many tweets from the fans who are eagerly waiting for the movie. 

On the other hand, blinks are constantly reassuring the company to release Lisa’s and Jisoo’s solo. I love how this fandom constantly cares about each member and wants their good in each way. Earlier, they demanded Rose’s solo and it happened this year. In 2020, the girls released their first single, Ice Cream with a US artist, Selena Gomez which charted in hit 100. 


Blackpink is soon going to release its new movie, The Movie, which is going to premiere soon in 100 countries. The movie will cast all the four members of the Blackpink i.e. Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. The popular Korean girl group is known for its amazing songs and achievements all around the world. Blackpink debuted in 2016 and this movie is going to be released for its fifth year anniversary. The entertainment company, YG, has released this movie under their fifth-year anniversary celebration. Blinks are waiting for the movie to be released super soon.

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