Black Widow Trailer Reveals Infinity War connection


The highly anticipated movie Black Widow directed by Cate Shortland staring starring Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoffserves as a link to Avengers: Infinity war.

It is said that its Cate’s debut as a director to the MCU. The beginning of the fourth phase gives Scarlet her highly awaited time as a solo lead.


The character debuted in 2011, in Iron Man 2. Before being the known hero she is she was a Russian Spy and met her end in Endgame which saddens the audience.

The timeline of this movie is set between the Civil War and the Infinity war. There are speculations that she worked with Captain America and Falcon because they were declared fugitives for not signing the Sokovia accord.

This can be cleared when the movie is released. The cause for this speculation is based on the first trailer. One also learns about Nat’s family and catch a glimpse of her past life.

The trailer shows her family in their battle suits which indicate the Infinity war. The differences in her and her sister’s vest show that these events took place before the Infinity war.

By doing this Marvel studios us trying to link The standalone movie to Black Widow’s series of unfortunate events and her death in Endgame.