Black Widow Movie’s Red Guardian Can Be Goofy (& That’s Why It’s Great)


The trailer of Black Widow has at last been released, presenting David Harbor’s character of Red Guardian as a major old goofball — and MCU fans are most certainly here for it.

It gives us a glimpse of many characters such as the return of Scarlett Johansson in her iconic super suit. Additionally, it offers a first take a gander at Yelena Belova, the suspiciously named Melina, whose character has been at the focal point of numerous a fascinating fan hypothesis and Red Guardian. Marvel studio has made sure that the plot subtleties are under tight wraps for this movie, which is the reason fans have been so excited for the Black Widow trailer.


What’s more is that it conveys, particularly with regards to Red Guardian, who happens to be a very goofy – as Russia’s response for Captain America.

Red Guardian

The trailer of Black Widow film uncovers that Red Guardian’s been out of activity for some time. A few jump cut series display him sliding into his costume before swaggering out of the washroom and pronouncing “It fits” to three Black Widows who remain unmoved and unimpressed. Also, he is likewise delighted at the family coming “back together”.

On the off chance that Yelena and Natasha’s lethal get-together is anything to pass by, saying that the ‘family’ is broken the best-case scenario. Some Fat Thor vibes are going on for sure, particularly when Melina prods him for gaining weight.

If there’s one thing Marvel has consistently been extraordinary at, it is systematically balancing the hard-hitting storylines with a touch of humour and wit. Black Widow film will address some truly in-your-face themes without a doubt, taking into account what’s as of now been uncovered about Natasha’s turbulent past. It would appear that Alexei Shostakov will counterbalance — with some high dark red(black) silliness, while as yet kicking ass.