As the new David Harbour’s character in Black Widow and Stranger Things have both Russians connections, the fans have wondered if there could be a crossover. He is saying no.

Despite an amusing connection between the two, David Harbour also assures the fans that there is no crossover between Black Widow and Stranger Things. David is perhaps best known for playing lovable grump Jim Hopper on Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things, though he will next be seen stepping into his next pop culture behemoth. It is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He might be coming this May, Harbour is also set to play Alexei Shostakov, which is also known as the Red Guardian, in the movie Black Widow, which is also the first film in the MCU’s highly anticipated Phase Four. Black Widow is the long-awaited solo movie of the actress Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff and also sees her return to her roots to dismantle the organization that also trained her.

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David’s two major projects, which both have something in their common and that is Russia. In Black Widow, he is playing the Russian Alexei, who also acts as a Russia’s Captain America when donning his own Red Guardian costume. Then on Stranger Things, Hopper is also currently being held in a Russian prison. These things were heavily speculated following a post-credits tease at the very end of their season 3 finale, but then it was also recently confirmed thanks to their early season 4 teaser from Netflix.

It is a funny coincidence that Harbour has two roles within the same year that also, that have Russian connections, this is not lost on him. While talking to some of the sources about his very Russian year, the actor laughed when pondering the idea of the crossover. The actor said that he knows, it is a very surprising, and annoying coincidence and he apologizes to the entire internet.

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