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Black Summer: Season Two Renewal Confirmed for Zombie Series on Netflix Cast, Plot And Release Date & More

“Black Summer” has been renewed by Netflix for the second season, which Variety has learned.

The second season will consist of eight episodes and will begin production in Alberta, Canada next year. Jaime King will return to star in the second season and will also serve as a producer. Cast members Justin Chu Carrie and Christine Lee will also return.

Carl Shaffer and John Hymes produced the series. The pair acted as co-listeners in season 1, although Hummus would serve as the sole show-runner in season 2. Both work with Abram Cox as a writer and executive producer on the series.

The trio previously worked together on the zombie series “Z Nation”, which ran for five seasons and nearly 70 episodes on Syfy between 2014 and 2018. “Black Summer” is a Netflix studio production.

Followers of the series survive a catastrophic incident, who vie – and quarrel with each other – to reach a military evacuation site. King Star as Rose, a mother, tore off her daughter who sets off on a journey, stopping at nothing to find her.

Jor with a small group of American refugees, he must brave a hostile new world and make cruel decisions during the deadliest heat of a zombie apocalypse.

The only survivor with the motivation to continue the story was Velez, but Rose had to take pity to kill him and other survivors due to his injury. Also, Lance is AWOL because he was running away from a growing crowd of zombies.

Talking of hoardings, the tsunami was overshadowed during the first season, but we never saw it. If the Black Summer returns for a second season, the tidal wave of zombies may not be very much aware, but given how useless the hero is in killing zombies, the game will end when it arrives.

There is room for Black Summer, especially if the plan is for the show to pair with Z-Nation. We want to see the story of Black Summer, in fact, to go into detail about the incident mentioned on Z-Nation.

Massive starvation, paranoia, and panic made that heat one of the most difficult times of the apocalypse, which must be explored in more detail.



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