Black Panther Poster Has Been Recreated In A Classic Marvel Style


Black Panther Poster Has Been Recreated In A Classic Marvel Style

New fan art by John Black recreates the Black Panther poster in a classic marvel style. Though a new superhero to the MCU, TChalla aka Black Panther is a fan favourite. After the intro in Captain America: Civil War, the actor Chadwick Brosnan went on to star in the Black Panther solo film. The film was the most critically beloved film of the MCU so far, even netting a nomination for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.



It also makes sense that Marvel already has Black Panther 2 on the way, with the movie scheduled to release in the year 2022. As it is looking at a 2021 filming start date, much of the story remains a mystery. This also includes the villain, with many of the fans hoping for Namor the Sub Mariner or Doctor Doom.

The poster created by the fan shared his recreation of the Black Panther on Instagram. In it, all of the characters can be seen in classic Marvel comics style. The fan artist also had included a side by side comparison of his poster and the original, and it is interesting to examine the two up close. Some of the characters’ costume is relatively similar.

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