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Black Panther 2: Trending rumours, speculations and expected storyline you need to know!

Black Panther II

The movie sequel based on the warrior of Wakanda and who has also got a major role in the Avengers team. Black Panther 2 is set to release in May 2022. While the fans are waiting for the second part of Black Panther, the level of rumours and speculations is skyrocketed right now.

Based on those speculations and information that is available in the Marvel Comics, the producers of Black Panther will certainly turn around this movie into a farewell to a mind-blowing era of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though, it’s known after the Endgame that an era of our favourite heroes has ended but it hasn’t actually ended. We are left to see Black Widow and Black Panther 2 from phase 4.

Black Panther 2: Plot

While Black Widow will basically focus on the life of Natasha  Romanoff, Black Panther 2 will not further dive into the Wakanda and in the life of T’challa (Black Panther). We have already seen all that in the first solo movie of Black Panther. This sequel will certainly do a transition effect to the next phase of MCU. Where we will get to witness old heroes giving their responsibilities to new or capable ones (like Captain America to Falcon) and also some new superheroes, new leaders and new teams. Basically, the crazy roller coaster ride is about to begin.

“Black Panther 2″ may open the gate for mutants to enter into MCU

Among the MCU fans, Rumors are going around that we may get to witness Storm as the first mutant to enter into MCU. According to the Marvel comics, Somehow, Storm(Ororo Munroe) and Black Panther will become lovers and their marriage, children and in the end, a divorce will happen.

If Storm comes into action she will become a crucial mutant at that point. Certain speculations have been made that their connection will eventually lead to the X-men and they will join forces in the future.

Who will be the next Black Panther?

Shuri, the sister of T’challa will become the next Black Panther and the ruler of Wakanda. According to Marvel Comics, Shuri will be tested according to the culture of Wakanda and will pass the test for the ruler of Wakanda. She will eventually possess all the skills and abilities required to become the next Black Panther.

And we all know how good she is in martial arts and in advanced technologies. If these things are set to happen next in MCU movies she will be another robust female superhero after Captain Marvel. She could also contribute to the A-Force, all-female team lead by Captain Marvel.

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