Black Panther 2 Production to resume from Early 2021


While most of the movies in the Marvel Comic Universe have been huge hits very few have been as groundbreaking as 2018’s Black Panther. The movie has been made by a very acclaimed director Ryan Coogler.

The movie was very much needed for the reinvention of the Marvel brand as apart from the blockbuster thrills a relevant social commentary was also needed to be portrayed.

The Black Panther smashed box office records as it earned 1.3 billion dollars worldwide while reaching new heights of acclaim. It proved a big hit for the Marvel comic universe.

This movie was also nominated for Best Picture. The fans would have to wait for the sequel of the movie which is to be released in 2022.

The work seems to be ongoing for the much-anticipated project. The production of the film will begin in March 2021 after distancing itself safely from the deadly coronavirus.

The production will take place in Australia which has already opened up its doors for some sitcoms to film.

Coogler and the company will have enough time to complete the project while leaving time for any potential reshoots which would be taking place further.

According to this plan, the dates make a lot of sense. The calendar of the Marvel Comic Universe is hampered because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

It’s exciting to think about the storytelling potential of the next MCU projects as Feige and company have had lots of free time.

The fans are excited to see what Black Panther 2 brings to the table.

In the first film’s success, Michael B. Jordan played a crucial role as he masterfully portrays the vitriolic Killmonger with emotion and empathy.

There are rumors that he would be returning to play the role.

However, it is still unknown whether the actor will have a substantial role or not as it could open the doors for new villains to go against Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther.