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Black Mirror Season 6: Netflix Release Date & Everything We Know So Far




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People from all over the globe are on toes for the release of the 6th season of the splendid series ‘Black Mirror’. The anthology series has altogether completed 5 seasons with 22 standalone episodes overall.

This show basically involves science fiction, satire, dark comedy, and dystopia and is originally in the English language. Though there has been no latest news on the renewal or cancellation of season 6 of this series, word has it that the show will not get canceled on Netflix keeping in mind the popularity and large audience it has attracted over the years.

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‘Black Mirror’, created by Charlie Brooker, was aired on 4th December 2011 on channel 4 and was then taken over by Netflix. It has won several prestigious awards thereafter.

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The 8 Emmy awards and the three consecutive years of winning in the Outstanding Television Movie Category have definitely added to its glory.

Black Mirror Season 6 Updates


Black Mirror is not a sequel but rather it comes in standalone episodes. Every episode comprises of a different unforeseeable and fabulous plot.

This does not change for the 6th season as well. There has been no confirmation about the plot or the story this season is going to revolve around and that opens the door for a lot of possibilities such as it might be a sequel, another stand-alone episode, or an on-off like always.

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This show basically allows us to look at our future lives from a different perspective involving the impact of social media and technology to such an extent that it starts deciding where we stand in society.

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It brings to light the topic we cross paths with on a daily basis “Is technology a boon or a bane” and is making social media such an integral part of our lives the right choice or god knows what it can lead to.

Not only the plots of this show are unpredictable, but the cast is also too. ‘Black Mirror’ has brought in some famous faces such as Miley Cyrus, John Hamm, and Andrew Scott so, though it is not possible to name the cast for the next episode, the fans have their hopes high when it comes to the old and the new faces they will get to see.

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