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Black Mirror Season 6 Netflix Has Revealed the Release Date

Netflix’s one of the herd is Black Mirror. The series is Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones anthology. The much-awaited series launched its last season in June 2019. 

It was its fifth season. After getting the 5 seasons already, the world is still waiting keenly for its next release. The show revolves around the critically acclaimed dystopian world.

The show has been successful and appraised for its storytelling. But there is something that can amaze every Black Mirror lover. 

In a Brooker had revealed that Netflix did not sign him and Jones up for further episodes. They certainly look keen to carry on. Further, he added, I do not think there is anything to stop us.

From the very first season, uncertainty is being observed regarding the release date of the Black Mirror’s season. So do not be surprised if we have to wait until the back half of 2020 for more Black Mirror.

Is there any trailer of Black Mirror Season Six?

No, there is nothing. The official announcement of the new release is still to be done. You can find the trailer of last season below.


Till now, there is no official announcement is done by the makers regarding the star faces. 

Some of the sources say that the upcoming will establish a balance between the previous cast and the newcomers.

It will have a mix of up-and-coming British talent, Daniel Kaluuya pre-Get Out, Alex Lawther, and massive players Jon Hamm, Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott.


The Black Mirror Show is already very popular for its thriller plot. We hope that the theme of Season 6 will also depict the harmful effects of the technique. 

Much more thrill is expected from the series as some of the rumors say that Black Mirror Season 6 can certainly show that each episode has so far been linked.

Season 6 can show that they share the same universe that was hinted at in the Smithrens episode of the previous season.


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