Black Desert Mobile Preview – Finally a worthwhile mobile Role-playing Game MMO?


Pearl Abyss’ development, Black Desert, is a role-playing fantasy multiplayer game. It came out in 2019 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is available for free in few places, and the English-edition is buy-and-play models.

Just like a third-person shooting game, the players have to adjust their aim manually and can move around freely. Players can go fishing, trading, farming, and housing. With the multiplayer, players can go for a castle battle and siege events.

The game is in a fantasy world. Black Desert revolves around the conflicts of the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. Both differ in their aspects. Calpheon is materialistic whereas, and Valencia is more of a spiritual type.

The main area of the game, Mediah, Calpheon, Serendia, and Balenos, were at peace. Then Black Death broke out, and many people were infected and died around the world. The Black plague came from Valencia. It is in Mediah.

Three of the main areas allied and raged a war that lasted for 30 years. Media profited the most from the war. It has the most significant source of black stones and traded it. After the war, other areas realized the value of the black stone, and everyone wanted a share of it.

Everyone started searching for the stone. Calpheon has no resource of Black Stone and stole it from others. It struck a conflict with Valencia because Valencia has Black Desert, abundant with black stone.

The MMORPG is also released for smartphones. Unlike other MMOs that have been released for smartphones, Black Desert stands out. The players do not have to navigate around the map. By clicking on the quest, players get transported to the location.

It is helpful for new gamers who might get lost easily.
The combat scenes are not like that of a typical MMO. It is not stationary where the players have to dodge the enemies’ attack. In the Black Desert, players will move their characters themselves, and the game also has action combat.

The game is looking good up until now. It has received positive critics.


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