Black Clover Episode 137: All The Latest Updates About The Episode!


This is the season full of animes and here comes exciting news about the upcoming anime episode. Black Clover is one of the trending and famous anime series. Fans desperately wait for the new episodes of the “Black Clover”.

The exciting news is that the makers are releasing a new episode of Black Clover. There are 136 episodes in total till now and the 137th episode is on its way. Find out all the details of Black Cover Episode 137!

All About “Black Clover Episode 137”


The Storyline of the show revolves around the two babies who were left at a church. Then, they were adopted in the Church’s orphanage where they were taught Magic. The names of these two boys were Yuno and Asta, they both were very different from each other.

Yuno was very good at magic and was one of the top students in the class. Whereas, Asta was not very brilliant and was made fun of because he did not know magic. Asta felt very bad and was jealous of Yuno in this aspect.

The day of the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony came and Yuno was given a four-leaf Clove as an achievement. But later he was attacked by the knight and he was not able to defeat the knight. Asta immediately came to help and when he saw Yuno in trouble, he fought with the knight with his full force. Surprisingly, he defeats the knight and gets a Five-leaf Clove.

“Black Clover Episode 137” will be released on August 4, 2020. Get ready to watch this epic episode and check out the previous episodes as well if you have not seen them till now.

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