Black Clover Episode 130: Release Date, Cast, Plot, TRAILER and Speculations.

Black Clover Episode 130

Black Clover Episode 130 Updates: So we will finally witness the training arc for the next six months in preparation for the Spade Kingdom invasion that might happen in 6 months.

The story of Black Clover Episode 130 ahead is a mixed-canon arc. Let’s discuss what might happen next, don’t read further if you haven’t watched spoiler alert.

Release Date of Episode 130: 

Black Clover Episode 130 Speculations

The Latest episode of black clover is set to release on April 14, 2020, at 6:25 PM JST. So, take a note of your time zone and be ready to watch once it’s streamed.

The Plot of Episode 129:

The things Ki and Asta were looking out turns to be a decoy for the real Queen. Loropechika gets to know Noelle, Final, and Mimosa by Gaja.

Loropechika tells that she is cursed by Megicula and will die within a year. So, Undine asks Asta and the other black bulls to join her in the fight against Megicula who is in the Spade Kingdom.

Loropechika inherited the power from the Heart Kingdom so she needs to be saved from dying.

On the other side, Magna, Luck, Vanessa patrol the Diamond kingdom and witness a battle between Spande Kingdom Knight vs Diamond Army.

It is disclosed that Heart mages have limited natural magic powers and are powerless against a fight with devils.

A few Mages born in a certain environment possess the power to kill devils like Asta, Yami, and Secure. Julius promises Mimosa that the Clover Kingdom will be on their side during the war.

Preview and Speculation of Episode 130: 

Loropechika plans to invade the Spade Kingdom with the help of Asta and his friends within 6 months. They explain the situation to Yami, who interpreted that Megicula possesses the Spade knight.

So Episode 130 will likely show what preparation the group takes for the upcoming battle. The episode preview is released so go watch it get some clues.



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