Black Clover Chapter 259 Release Date, Spoiler, And Other Details


Black Clover Chapter 259 Well, Asta has now acquired his devil’s true power and in full control of it. previously, Yami had a fight with Dante, and he realized that the extent of the dark triad member’s power is great.

 Spoiler Alert

Black Clover Chapter 259


In the upcoming chapter of Black Clover, Asta has returned, and he has got an Anti-Magic sword with him. It was predicted that his weapon would play a key role in Asta’s chance to finally annihilate Dante in the battle.

Well, on the other hand, although Yami is confident with Asta’s powers, he knows that he still has to help him to the fullest as well. this is why he saw the need for him to become even stronger and then push his strength beyond his limits so he can back up Asta and guarantee that they will finally destroy Dante.

The only problem that could arise when Yami and Asta are battling Dante is that help could arrive on the villain’s part. There is also a possibility that fellow Dark Triad member Zeno will come and help Dante out. If this happens, it is going to be a big problem for the knights.

There is just a bit of downside with regards to Asta’s newly- acquired devil’s power. Well, this is because he was able to get this after agreeing to give part of his body to the evil.  It was not much revealed which part Asta sold off, and it was suggested that once the devil takes his body part, then it will affect Asta.

The Release Date Black Clover Chapter 259

Black Clover chapter 259 is on a short break, so the chapter was not released last week. The new confirmed date is Aug 2, as per Otakukart.

Well, this is it, guys.  Stay tuned for more updates.


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