Birds of Prey’s Joker Stand-In Actor Still Had Jared Leto Tattoos


A new bird of prey (and a stunning Harley Quinn’s awesome set) photo shows that the film’s clown stand-in actor has the same tattoo – mostly – as Jared Leto in Suicide Squad. As implied by its title, the DC film wakes up shortly after the breakup of Harley and Mr. J, forcing Harley to find herself on the mean streets of Gotham City. For some time, it seemed that Leto would be reclaiming his role as the Clown Prince of Crime opposite Margot Robbie costing his suicide squad, teasing as much on social media as the Oscar winner. But in the end, Panchi Preeti’s Joker was played by a stand-in itself.

Director Kathy Yan explained the decision not to bring Leko back like a clown before the film’s release, pointing to the film stating that Harley is about “liberating” herself from her ex-boyfriend and not later. Still, the character can be quickly shone backward in a handful of quick shots at Bird of Prey (ie, while Harley is reflecting back on her relationship with him). As it turns out, the actor who stood for Joker was properly composed for the occasion.

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Twitter user and DC fan Mikhail Villarreal posted the Birds of pre-set picture featuring the film’s clown stand-in actor during the break. As you can see below, she has clearly modeled after Leto’s Joker and even has her face tattooed … that is, save for the infamous “damaged” on her forehead, anyway.

You never get a straight shot of the Joker’s face in Birds of Pre, given that there was no practical reason for the actor to have him tattooed “Damage”. However, the film includes a shot that depicts the left side of his face (which Villarreal has included in the same tweet), so it makes sense that the actor had Lato’s tattoo in the area Was one of Of course, Leto’s clown tattoos and appearance in Suicide Squad, in general, caused quite a furor online when the character’s first official picture was dropped all those years ago. Still, since Birch Preity exists in the same DCEU continuity as David Deere’s film, it’s good that there is some continuity in terms of the Joker’s look.

For Leto, it is unclear whether the actor will ever play the Joker again. It has already been confirmed that she will not return in 2021 to James Gun’s sequel, The Suicide Squad. In addition, Leto was confused with Warner Bros. last year for green-lighting Todd Phillips’ son-DCEU Joker film and tried to cancel it. The role makes his return more unpredictable. On the other hand, Robbie will return to Suicide Squad and is currently filming his scenes. , there’s a strong chance Harley will return to a different spinoff down the line (perhaps even the Gotham City siren). In that sense, his “liberation”.


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