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“Birds of Prey” will be the shortest DCEU movie so far

The Birds of Prey runtime has reportedly been released — thanks to the Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO). If the figures ring true, it gets the movie — complete name Birds of Prey (along with the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) — the shortest DCEU film yet.

So, the Birds of Prey runtime is 108 minutes based on IFCO (via 46 seconds if you’re feeling especially exact, or 108 minutes.

Even though Runtimes, in general, aren’t even near being an indication of quality, it is intriguing to learn how the Suicide Squad spin-off stacks up to its DC peers. It’s the only one to come in at under 2 weeks.

Man of Steel (143 minutes), Batman v Superman (151 minutes), Suicide Squad (123 minutes), Wonder Woman (141 minutes), Justice League (121 minutes), Aquaman (143 minutes), and Shazam (131 minutes) are each longer than the purposed Birds of Prey runtime.


However, this Birds of Prey runtime isn’t official. Not yet, anyway. You simply need to check out the early (and slightly wrong) Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker runtime to observe that plans change and cuts may wind up being lengthy — or even shortened — before making it to cinemas.

The Classification also hints at a more mature book adventure, with’Strong’ language and violence and presents ‘Moderate’ drug references. Don’t purchase it? Check out the brand new Birds of Prey trailer, featuring stabbings, Harley Quinn becoming high and… a hyena named Bruce. Obviously.

Birds of Prey is set for launch on February 7

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