Birds of Prey Theory Reveals Harley Quinn Kills Jared Leto’s Joker


The latest trailer for Birds of Prey may reveal that Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) murdered Joker Leto’s Joker. The couple, who debuted in David Ayers’ suicide squad since 2016, is yet to grace the big screen again – neither together nor apart. 

However, unlike DCEU’s version of Clown Prince of Crime, her next outing of Women’s Love is already scheduled through the upcoming Kathy Yan film.

Harley Quinn & JOKER

Suicide Squad gave the pair a much longer storyline due to the Joker’s very limited screen time, while Harley Quinn was front and center with Will Smith’s Didcot. This left fans wanting to see more for the characters.

A film focused on Harley Quinn and the Joker was soon greenery, which gave the public something to look forward to about the DC villain couple. 

However, between the arrival of the multi-acclaimed Todd Phillips, the iconic Joker with Joker Phoenix, and Lebo’s new comic-book movie as Morbius the Living Vampire, Sony’s Morbius, Leto is likely to revolt. His grip on the Joker is getting thinner day by day.

Is the trailer reveals the suspense

Perhaps the last nail on the coffin may have come through bird hunting. A second trailer for the next Warner Bros. superhero blockbuster was recently released, and it opens with an unhappy statement from Harley Quinn that she and the Joker broke up. 

Her monologues are interwoven with scenes from the scene she is trying to describe, and interestingly, the part where she states that she has split up with her boyfriend, the viewer sees her in a moving vehicle. 

Jumping out of it. The driver-less truck rammed into the ACE chemical plant and later exploded. 

Harley remarks that the methods of participating were purely mutual, but his voice has a tinge of satire, leading viewers to believe that Mr. J was left to die in an automobile.

What’s going between of them

The scene means that Joker was with Harley in the truck before exiting, leaving him behind as he flew away. Leto is not expected to surprise the Joker again in his role in bird hunting.

Interestingly, the sequence includes a point-of-view shot from the passenger’s side of the truck, which can be used to represent the first moments of death without showing the Joker’s face.

Assuming that the moment of the trailer depicts the Joker’s murder, viewers have to be curious to know what led to this decision in bird poaching. 

While the clip shows him dealing with a break-up, his immediate demise is an accident and satisfaction as soon as the vehicle goes into the flames – as he had planned it all.

Let’s see what happen next

The suicide squad barely established their character, and with no concrete plans to move forward, it is a clever path for all sides involved to move beyond their version of the character. 

In the context of Harley’s personal story, getting rid of the Joker gives her a chance to trust herself – as she said in the trailer, she was back on her feet shortly after the break-up. 

Now, without the Joker’s shadow haunting him everywhere, new adventures may occur. Finally, potentially addressing the issue at the beginning of the film allows it to be devoid of the Joker’s narrative.

Now, all of this could be with Evan McGaur’s Black Mask against Hartley (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), Black Canary (Jarn Smollett-Bate), Cass (Ella J. Basco) and Renee (Rosie Perez).


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