Birds of Prey some of the action movie ladies who should be joining Harley Quinn’s gang


Birds of Prey Updates: The cinema’s very latest girl gang, the Birds of Prey, made their debut in the Cathy Yan’s 2020 feature. In the movie, Margot Robbie volatile or the lead character Harley Quinn joins the forces with Renee Montoya, Huntress, Cassandra Cain, and then Black Canary to take out the villain named Black Mask.

Harley Quinn’s New Gang


The movie also kick some serious butt as they stand now, but what other leading action movie ladies would also make a good addition to the team of Harley Quinn? This list actually presents who take the girl power to the next level.

Imperator Furiosa
Character(s): Imperator Furiosa
Film ‘MAD MAX: FURY ROAD’ (2015)
13 May 2015
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Imperator Furiosa – Charlize Theron’s character from the famous 2015’s Mad Max Fury Road is a hardened oil runner who also works for the director Immortan Joe. Furiosa then decides to abandon her past and then end Joe’s reign of some good terror.

She can really team up with Harley Quinn, she is skilled in weaponry, military tactics, and some really good survival skills. She eventually kills Joe and frees his five of the female concubines.

Ellen Ripley in Birds of Prey

Ellen Ripley – As Ellen Ripley, Sigourney Weaver sure then gives Xenomorphs a good run for their money in the Alien Franchise. Instead of them employing a stereotypical male lead, Ridley Scott chose Weaver as the main original film’s protagonist, she is a fierce, and intelligent and also an adaptable hero and could have been good with Harley Quinn.

The Bride

The Bride- Uma Thurman gives a good harrowing performance as the revenge-seeking character The bride in the movie named Kill Bill franchise. After she being left for dead on her own wedding day, Thurman;s character engages in a very slow, torturous recovery process, employing her previous martial arts skills training to take out every member of the assassination squad.

These are some of the characters who could be a good gang with Harley Quinn.


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