Birds of Prey didn’t perform well at the Box office, here’s why


It is not a suprise to us that Birds of Prey was one of the most awaited films of 2020 and fans were more than excited for it’s premiere. However while some fans actually enjoyed this sequel of the 2016 blockbuster, Suicide Squad, a larger portion of the audience seemed to be dissapointed. Sadly Birds of Prey : and the fantabulous emancipation of Harley Quinn failed to meet with the expected estimate on good release- day number , by about 10 million dollars .

Based on the popularity of Harley Quinn, teaser trailer and other campaign and promotions, the cast and production expected to make at least 45 million dollars instead of 34 million dollars. However our very beloved and iconic Harley Quinn ,Margot Robbie earned 150 percent of the entire box office finance metric, 84.5 million dollars for a total 145.4 million dollars worldwide after finding a second wind during Valentine’s Day and the long holiday in  America during President’s Day. Regardless it had a dissapointing box office debut that ultimately turned out to be a failure.

Here’s are some anticipated reasons as to why Birds of Prey ‘s performance was not as expected :

• Birds of Prey ‘s R rating might not have been the best move :

While we have thought of many reasons as to why the movie wasn’t a success , it’s R rating seems to be the biggest problem for it’s underwhelming opening weekend. An R rating, some say was unnecessary and immediately cuts off a larger portion of the audience!

•  The February release date didn’t work of Birds of Prey :

It is a known fact in the Film Industry that February has a long history of bad premier for films. According to statistical analytical data , the best time for film release is summers. However it is believed that February was a tacit admission by the Warner Bros but clearly things did not go as planned. Maybe waiting till April would have been a better choice!

•  The legacy of Other things that came before Birds of Prey :

Birds of prey was somewhat a creative change for Warner Bros’s DC cinematic universe . After that mixed reviews of Justice League, some reassessments should have been made form the studio’s part. Moreover there seems to be some sort of constant competition with that Marvel Cinematic universe’s interconnectedness .


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