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Birds of Prey Did 10 Things Better Than Suicide Squad

Here is a list of 10 things Birds of Prey did better than Suicide Squad.

Needless to say Birds of the Prey: And the fantabulous emancipation of Harley Quinn was one of the most awaited sequels of 2020.

Releasing of 7th of February 2020, the movie turned out to be a massive success. 

As we already know that Birds of the Prey is a follow-up and spin-off of the 2016 Blockbuster, Suicide Squad, the fans can’t help but point out the necessary changes and modifications noticed in the movie. 

Here are 10 things Birds of the Prey did better than Suicide Squad :

1. Harley Quinn’s Character

One of the most talked-about aspects of the film is the character development of Harley Quinn. 

Suicide Squad is where we saw the rise of Joker’s lover Harley Quinn, however, we focused more on Joker than on her in the prequel. 

Birds of the Prey depicts Harley Quinn as the protagonist and makes it all about her and her life after breaking up with the Joker.

2. Non-Mainstream Dc Characters

Another appreciative aspect of the film is its use of non-mainstream DC characters. 

Both that films have made use of “not- so – famous” characters such as the Enchantress, Captain Boomerang and El Diablo in the first one and the Huntress, Black Canary in the second.

3. The Spectacular casting.

Birds of the Prey has been very well appreciated for its fabulous casting. Most minor of the characters have portrayed their roles with excellence.

4. The LGBTQ representation in the movie.


Considering how sensitive of a matter it is, the audience appreciated the queer representation of Renee Montoya and her ex-girlfriend Ellen Yee, the district attorney. 

This wasn’t the case with the Suicide Squad. Moreover while summarising her love history Harley’s animated version portrayed at the beginning of the movie is shown next to women, thereby indicating her bisexual character.

5. Comics Book references in the movie.

Needless to say, both films are filled with references from different DC comics. While Suicide Squad depicts the commercialization of Superman’s death, it appears that fans enjoyed the references made in Birds of the Prey more.

Harley’s stuffed pet beaver Bernie is featured alongside her pet Hyena named Bruce. 

There is also a part of a roller derby team similar to that one in Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti’s Harly Quinn comics and beyond.

6. The depiction of Villians.

As we already know that Villians in Suicide Squad consisted of The Enchantress and Joker.

They both have fiffdiffe agenda, which one’s agenda part of the main plot and the other’s part of the subplot. 

However in Birds of the prey too even though there are two criminals, the fact that they have the same goal, it makes the plot much tighter and consistent.

7. More focused and consistent storyline.

Fans have agreed that compared to the confusing plot of Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey provides a much more focused and consistent storyline.

8. No Joker.

This is one aspect of the movie that the audience seemed to enjoy, especially the female audience.

While Joker was mentioned in the film, it was Harley Quinn who stole the show by narrating her own story.

9.  Formation of a Vigilante Group.

Just like Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey to depicts the origin of a Vigilante Group but there is no place for men here, it’s all girls! They didn’t exactly start on the friendliest terms but by the end, they had each other’s back.

10. Harley Quinn’s Outfits.

Margot Robbie had herself complained that her outfits in Suicide Squad were extremely revealing and uncomfortable to shoot in however she seemed pretty happy with her outfits in Birds of Prey, they are less revealing, comfortable and truly bring out Harley’s spirit!



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