Bill Gates’ High Objective for 2022 Is To Ensure That ‘COVID-19 Is the Last Pandemic.’

Seattle, Washington, USA - April 25, 2014. This is the headquarters of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. This photo was taken outside the main entrance of the building.

Bill Gates’s top goal for the New Year resolution this year is: Avoid future pandemics.

Despite him not liking new Year’s resolution, he’s still making large goals for 2022.


In his End of year blog posts earlier this month, the billionaire wrote “We can’t afford to repeat the suffering of the last two years,”

Gates wrote. “The world had a chance to invest in the tools and systems that could’ve prevented the Covid-19 pandemic, and we didn’t take it.”

He said that the current Covid health level rate tells just that we must draw attention towards 2022.

He also wrote that investing in medical research and development would be a nice place to start with. Many of the world’s highest-profile medical projects, paused by Covid, could accelerate again in the near future.

He has also donated billions of dollars to various health organizations.

In the blog, he also mentioned some of this year’s achievements that have contributed to helping curb the COVID-19 pandemic and protect us from the next one as the world may recall.

“If your people don’t trust you, they’re not going to support major new initiatives,” “And when a major crisis emerges, they’re less likely to follow guidance necessary to weather the storm. “he wrote.

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“Now is the time to learn from our mistakes and take steps to prevent this terrible experience from ever happening again,”