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Who Won The Title of Big Brother Canada 9? |Season 10 Updates

Big Brother Canada is an amazing show which has recently released their season 9 and the finale of this season has also aired. The famous reality TV show has been in talks since the day of its first release. There are many TV shows similar to this one and to be honest, every country has its own Big-Brother kind of show but the name is not the same. 

This reality TV show is based on the famous Dutch TV series which shares the same name. The audience is crazy over these kinds of reality shows where they are able to watch the household things of famous celebrities. Well, who doesn’t love to fight until they are not of their own home? Haha, jokes apart but it is psychologically true that people love to watch the fights of other homes to entertain themselves. 

So far, Big Brother has released 9 seasons with the ninth one already been out this year and the finale was also out. The show has officially ended but the people have so much to know more about it. That’s why we at Honknews, are always ready to serve our readers.

In this article, we’ll be going to see all the things that have happened so far. Interested? Read this article till the end 🙂

Before heading further, if you are a fan of reality shows and want to explore more then there are many TV series like Too hot to handle, Geordie shore, and many more to watch. 

Big Brother Canada – A Reality TV show for you!

Big Brother Canada 9

A Canadian Television series, Big Brother Canada that was first released on 27 February 2013 after being fantasized by the same dutch Tv show which shares the theme. Big Brother is the part of global Big Brother Franchise and it’s been running on television since 2013. 

The TV show has successfully claimed the hearts of the people and that’s the season the show was able to make 9 seasons back to back. With a total of 203 episodes throughout the show, the show has one of the strongest and loyal fan bases. The show is presented by Arisa Cox and Slice Tv network. 

Talking about the show, Big Brother revolves around the number of contestants which are often termed as “HouseGuest”. These contestants are the famous celebrity of the TV shows which are popular among the people and some non-popular celebrities who once used to be popular. The show starts with the welcoming party of these contestants who are welcomed in the house with a host. 

Moreover, living within the house, the person completely lost the connection with his family and friends who are living outside the house. He is not allowed to take his phone and anything that allows him to communicate. There is even no internet service in the house. If you are interested to know about the whole theme of the show then read the next section.

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Big Brother Canada – What is it About?

Big Brother Canada 9 updates

The show starts with the contestants which are called Houseguests. All the contestants are living inside a single roof for a number of periods. With the access to nothing from the outside world, it was so entertaining to see people spend their time within a house where they hardly know each other. These celebrities have to meet their daily routine and all the work by themselves instead of what they have to do in their home by maids. 

When entering the show they have to leave all the luxurious living standards because, in this home, they have to do all their chores by themselves. From cooking to cleaning, everything will be done by the particular person. Well, this might sound okay to us because we are used to it but there are many celebrities who don’t even know how to do it. 

Now, doing all these things, what is the result? What will the person get? The winner of this TV show will take home $100,000 Dollars. 

But, But, But

It isn’t as easy as you think!

The competition to win the grand prize is tougher than you actually think. There are lots of fights and work and most importantly you have to win the heart of the audience. 

The audience is the real judge and they save whoever they want to. There are two types of voting one by the Audience of course and others by the house members themselves. Every week there is one competition ready for the houseguest and whoever wins gains the power to vote out. 

Additionally, the house is filled with cameras and the contestants have a mic in their own body. The camera captures the live moments and footage of the house throughout the episodes. 

So, far, Big Brother has featured more than 80 guests in their show and the episodes are 203 for now. 

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Big Brother Canada – Who won season 9?

Big Brother Canada 9 update

note- this section contains spoilers regarding the season 9 winner. If you haven’t watched season 9 yet then this would give you a major spoiler

The season started to air on March 3, 2021 and goes on till May 6, 2021. The finale was 2 hours long and we have seen so much entertainment in season 9. There is also a special entry for contestants but we will discuss that later. Talking about the show, the finale left with three contestants named Tychon, Tera, and Breydon. These three are competing with each other to win the final trophy and the cash prize of $100,000 dollars.

Now, the finale was two hours long, which means there would be something in the show. The winner was chosen by the HOH competition and starting with the first one, the disc-Stacking Hoverboard Challenge. The first round of this game was won by Breydon. 

The second round was a ball-tossing game which made Tychon the winner. Now, with these two games, we have two winners one is Breydon, and the second is Tychon. 

The last game was between these two and Tera was eliminated from the match. After the competition, Tychon has announced the winner of the game and the whole season 9.

He was definitely happy with his victory and said, 

I can’t put into words how I’m feeling right now, “It’s the best feeling in the world. My family had my back. Everybody had my back. I don’t know what to say.”

Like, I didn’t expect to be here. Coming to this house, I was with a lot of big personalities. I’m one of the quieter ones, it was a bit overwhelming for me. So to think I can be standing here today was not something I ever imagined.”

He also added, “For the first time ever, Canada voted for their favorite player.”

Big Brother Canada – Will there be Season 10?

After the end of season 9, everyone was happy because their favorite Tychen has won the Big Brother Canada Title. Now, people are also wondering whether they will see the next season of Big Brother in the future? 

After the show ended, everyone was tweeting and congratulating Tychen for his win but people are also wondering about the 10 seasons. Like last year, the corona has hit the world very badly and this year the second wave of the corona is also taking away the life of many people. During this time it is hard to predict anything. 

The officials have not said anything regarding this topic and we can’t conclude anything for now. If there will be any updates in the near future then I’ll let you know. 

Big Brother Canada – When will Season 10 going to release?

Season 9 has just ended and there is a tradition of Big brother Canada that the season will always release every year. As there is no script and no prior production required for this show then the fans shouldn’t have to worry much. If the world gets in the right place in 2022 and the covid-19 ends, then the officials can release another season. 

As per the guidelines of the government, social distancing is a must. The officials will take the decision whichever is right for the society and the people. 

If everything goes right then we might see this next year.

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Is there any Official trailer for this show?

Season 10 of Big brother is not officially confirmed by the officials. Season 9 of this reality show just ended. If you are someone who hasn’t watched this series, then you should probably head to watch it. 

Other than that, here is an interview of the winner of Season 9. Feel free to watch it

Final words

The finale of season 9 is already aired with Tychon being the winner of the show and taking away $100,000 dollars with him home. The winner is already happy with it and his fans are more than happy. Now Season 9 of Big brother is officially ended and we have to see whether there will be season 10 or not? The officials haven’t said anything because season 9 is just finished. If you are looking for updates then you have to wait for more to know more. 

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