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Biden disagrees with Joe Manchin and doesn’t think people should be trying to get extended child tax credits

In an interview with CNN City Hall late Thursday, President Joe Biden said he did not think people should work to lower taxes on children every month and opposed Democratic efforts to limit cash payments. When asked if he would support the job requirements for a child discount, the president replied categorically in the negative.

Biden’s comments overruled West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, a centrist who strongly influenced the future of his 50/50 Senate economic bill. Manchin turned down a job application due to a tax cut on children in Congress, despite opposition from most Democrats.

They prefer to allow families that pay very low taxes to receive checks for up to $ 300 a month, depending on the age of their children. Most families with an income less than $ 150,000 are eligible for a one-year renewal ending the next year.

The Niskanen Center did a recent analysis that showed that at least 60% of all children who benefit from child tax breaks would face a cut in benefits if Democrats embrace Manchin’s idea. Democrats also aim to provide at least four weeks of paid vacation, federal subsidies so people can buy protection from the Affordable Care Act, and more.

At a meeting with Democrats at the White House on Tuesday, President Biden proposed extending the child tax credit by one year. This has sparked a backlash from senior Democrats such as Massachusetts Budget Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro and Oregon Senator Ron Wyden of the Finance Committee.

“I’ll continue,” Wyden told Insider on Tuesday. Other Democrats in talks to cut taxes on children argue that longer renewals are needed to create an irreplaceable benefit system like social security.

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