Bhoot Police New Poster Reveals| Exact Release Date And Plot

Bhoot Police

Saif Ali Khan and Arjun Kapoor are appearing for the first time in their upcoming movie, Bhoot Police. The first look of the movie was released last week and fans are seemingly enjoying it. The movie revealed about the casts and their character on their poster.  

Recently, the officials have released the first look of Jacquline Fernandez for the movie and it looks amazing. For all the Bhoot out there, it’s your time to get scared for the movie, or maybe not?

In the first poster, Saif Ali Khan is wearing a leather Jacket while Arjun Kapoor is in the goon’s outfit. Both the actors have already shared their posters for the upcoming movie. 

Saif Ali Khan will be playing the role of Vibhooti and looking intense for his role. Arjun Kapoor, on the other hand, plays Chiraunji’s character. 

In the female character, Jacqueline Fernandez plays the role of Kanika, and trust me she is more confident this time. Yami Gautam is also going to play Maya, an important role in the movie and her fans are waiting to see her for the first time after her marriage. 

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Bhoot Police – When is it going to be released?

Bhoot Police

The release date of the Bollywood movie is officially announced by the officials. With all these covid situations, it wouldn’t be the best option for the movie to release in a physical mode. The show makers have taken to social media to announce the official release date. Earlier, Bhoot Police was officially announced to premiere on 10 September 2021 on the OTT platform.

But in the recent news, the creators have postponed the release date of the movie. The exact release date of Bhoot police isn’t released yet but it is confirmed to release in September 2021. In a report, it came out that the shooting was already finished and all the four stars have started the promotion on different shows and channels. 

Talking about the release of the movie, the creator said,

“Look, I was supposed to release ‘Bhoot Police’ in September 2021. I felt that it would be better in the present scenario if I stick to my original month. So yes, Bhoot Police will be released on OTT mostly in September or October.”

Bhoot Police – What is it About?

Bhoot Police

Bhoot Police is going to be a horror-comedy movie and Pavan Kirpakani is the man behind the direction. He has said that it was his first time working with Saif and Arjun in the same movie. “I am thrilled to have Saif and Arjun come together for this entertaining feature. Both of them will be seen bringing their trademark fun elements to the brand new avatars they will portray in this film,”

Saif Ali Khan is working hard for his upcoming movie. He also has plans for the upcoming season 3 of Sacred games which is one of the most anticipated Indian web series. In a talk with Saif, the actor said that he has worked hard for the movie and gained much weight to look as similar as Arjun. He said,

“He (Om Raut) is going to make me larger than I am, but again, that might be giving it away. There will be some trickery involved, but a lot of it is real. He wants us to train and look particularly tough. The point is that Ravana is India’s Satan, he’s the demon king. And I guess what drives him is vanity.

Bhoot Police updates

He is the personification of vanity. Everything comes from there – the doom that he prays for, the kingdom that he wants. His whole outlook is just incredibly clouded, blind, and vain. He is a monster. He is strong and fun to play, in that sense. The whole point of the story is to overcome the monster,”

Other than that, the cast hasn’t released much about the plotline and how the movie will look. There are still days for fans to count on. 

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Is there any Official trailer for this movie?

The movie has postponed the release date and transferred the airing from Cinema to the OTT platform. Now, the movie is going to be released on Disney Hotstar plus. The official trailer of this movie isn’t officially released by the officials. 

Bhoot police have only come up with the first poster. If there will be any updates regarding the movie then I’ll let you know. Bookmark the page for getting regular updates regarding the movie. 


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