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Better Call Season 5, the mystery of Mike’s plan explained. Here’s all you need to know




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Better Call is a popular American crime drama web television series created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. The show is a spin off of Vince’s prior series Breaking Bad. Better call Saul is currently one of the most popular shows on Netflix and has received critical acclaim with particular praises for it’s intriguing storyline , delivery of roles, display of characters and outstanding cinematography. Critics have referred to it as ” worthy successor of Breaking Bad”.

Better Call Saul recently released it’s 5th season and as usual has had the fans at the edge of theirs seats ! Needless were were particularly taken aback by Mike’s plan. The fifth episode of season 5 had been the center of attention for a while. You know how the saying goes , ” never end a Nacho to do a Mike’s job”. In season 5 we witnesse the impossible, criminal overlord Gus Fring and Mike Ehrmamtraut reach an understanding. Even though Mike had worked for Gus, the two did not enjoy the same cheerful bonding as in Breaking Bad. Moreover since the end of season 4 we have seen Lalo Salamanca has troubled Gus , thus installed by the Salamanca clan to keep things moving while Don Hector recovers , Lalo came to the conclusion that Gus was upto no good . Lalo successfully managed to track down Gus’s super lab and nearly learned everything about his plan from the German engineer, Werner Ziegler.


None the less Lalo’s efforts to expose Gus continues in season 5 , with him establishing Krazy-8 as a snitch inside the DEA’s office so that Gus’s men get in trouble for drug dealing. However Mike comes to Gus’s rescue just like always.

Just as Lalo deployed the Krazy-8 , Mike was quick to decide to get local law enforcement involved. Knowing the fact that Lalo drives a picular customised grey 1970 Monte Carlo, he decides to take advantage of the fact. Mike poses as a private investigator and visits a librarian, unwittingly encountering Lalo at the Travelwite agency right after he committed a murder . After he left , Lalo paid a visit as well and tragically ended up murdering the employee when his intention was only to help !

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Mike then reminds the witness about the car, a customised 1970 Monte Carlo that drove away form the crime scene and eventually this news is reported to the police department. Mike then himself visits the ABQPD to drop the police report. However Mike realises that he was being followed by Lalo . Tragically the police identify Lalo’s car and take him into their custody!

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