Better Call Saul’s Finale Season 6, Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Plot explained!

Better Call Saul Season 6

Better Call Saul is up for its final Season 6, check out the details. Better Call Saul is a show which has covered a long journey of 5 seasons. Viewers have been attached to the show and look forward to another season to hit the screens. Finally, the viewers are up for the treat. “Better Call Saul” is up for its next season i.e. Season 6 which would be the final season of the show.

Season 5 became an engaging season for the fans and it brought out the intense and exciting side of the show. After viewing Season 5, fans were thoroughly eager to watch the upcoming series.


“Better Call Saul” is a show which had a slow and steady beginning. In the start, the story takes times to build in and grow its roots within the fans. Many fans also tweeted on Social Media that initial seasons of the show got them boredom but later it caught fire. Viewers also compared the show with “Breaking Bad” in terms of a slow start.

Better Call Saul’s Finale Season 6 Release Date

The Release Date of “Better Call Saul Season 6”. The finale season of the show is anticipated to be released in the upcoming year I.e. 2021. As the production of the show is held up due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We could expect the show to release at latest in the mid of 2021. Because the making of the show is on a stop due to the pandemic.

The Trailer

Talking about the trailer of the show. We have noted a trend that trailer of the series is released by the makers just before the series is about to hit the screens. Similarly, the same trend will be followed for the upcoming finale season. The trailer would release in the year 2021 just before the series telecast.

The Plot of Better Call Saul’s Finale Season 6

Moving on to the most anticipated part, The Plot. There is a connection between Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad. The story of Lalo Salamanca and Nacho was left it Breaking Bad and it could be covered in Better Call Saul. Viewers also wish for Saul to move to his office in BB and Gus and Salamanca could have another war in the upcoming season.

Coming to the cast of the show. The cast includes Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn, Patrick Fabian, Michael Mando, Michael McKean, Giancarlo Esposito, Tony Dalton, Giancarlo Esposito. Further, the cast also includes Robert Forster, Lavell Crawford, Max Arciniega, Javier Grajeda, Josh Fadem, Hayley Holmes, Peter Diseth, Don Harvey, Roland Buck III and many more.

How the mysteries of Saul, Gus and Salamanca would be investigated in the upcoming Final Season of Better Call Saul. Stay Connected and Stay Tuned for further updates to Honk News!