Better Call Saul Season 6 The Krazy 8 storyline needs to be set.


Season 5 of Better Call Saul faces the comeback of Dean Norris as Hank Schrader.

However, the story of a character with Krazy-8 will reverberate into season 6.

The show needs to end the storyline between Hank and Krazy-8 in its finale. Better Call Saul increases in intensity as the series catches up to Breaking Bad with each passing set of episodes. 

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It’s ending with an uneasy holding installment. Fans don’t know how Jimmy suffers the fury of Lalo. 

Also, what happens to Nacho and Kim? Another issue that needs inscribing in season 6 is the narrative between Hank and Krazy-8.

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Krazy-8 is a raid by police and Saul is chosen to represent him due to Jimmy’s crucial 50% off sale. On Lalo’s request, Jimmy and Krazy-8 act out a con getting Krazy-8 off the hook by setting him up as a DEA source. Hank and Gomez face the troll and accept the offer. 

They’re having no idea of playing along with Lalo Salamanca’s plan. For Lalo’s good, Krazy-8 is back on the streets. The Salamancas possess a direct route into the DEA. Despite Hank’s intuitions, the drug raid is judged a victory.

Watching Dean in Breaking Bad is an undoubting entertainment. But there are still many questions over this storyline. Krazy-8 is Lalo-loyal, only posing to act as a source to the DEA.

However, in Breaking Bad, Hank and Gomez suggest to Krazy-8 still being their source. Viewers have no idea whether Krazy-8 is trustworthy to the Salamanca family till his death in the hands of Walter White.

From Hank’s view, are his reservations about Krazy-8 ever confirmed? Does he never find that Lalo is sending his team on a goose chase?

Though the two shows are lining together, Krazy-8’s story currently disconnects between Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad.

Things to be Addressed

A few things are to be addressed in Better Call Saul season 6. To finish off the personal story of Krazy-8, who has been part of the spin-off for some time? 

And, secondly to link up Hank’s prequel story to his future in Breaking Bad. A probable answer can be worked out based on what the fans already know. 

In Better Call Saul season 6, Lalo’s problem is going to be dealt with in some way. This takes the Salamanca gang in a mess. Lalo’s hooligans will likely go down with him.Krazy-8 has good luck being a “friend of the DEA.”

Better Call Saul has too much to settle in its last season. A lesser trendsetter might fight to confirm so many plot threads with no conflicts between both ends of the storyline.