Better Call Saul season 6: Netflix Release Date, [CAST], Plot, Trailer and other Information

Better Call Saul Season 6

When the show Better Call Saul started back in Feb 2015, it was not quite sure as hotly discussed as its predecessor. Now, after their five exceptional seasons, we are clamouring for the sixth season of Better Call Saul. AMC confirmed the final season a month before the premiere of the fifth season, and it is currently being written remotely as the coronavirus outbreak rages on.

The co-creator, Peter Gould and the writing team have spent five long years carefully developing each complex character, and now the stories of Jimmy, Kim and the various conniving drug kingpins of New Mexico are ready to reach their climax. Speaking of the Deadline reports, Gould could say that Better Call Saul Season six is going to be big and it is going to be resolved.


Since he plays the role in Breaking Bad, set six years after the prequel starts, we already know Jimmy ‘Saul Goodman’ McGill is safe, but there is plenty of characters that could be in the crosshairs of the writers. The wait for the final season is already agonizing.

The Release date: It might be in 2021


Variety says that the sixth season or the finale season will conclude in 2021. Expect the release to be in the latter half of the next year, though; there will be three more episodes than the usual ten, and there tends to be a year gap between each season. Also, the start of the production could be delayed by the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The work on the finale is already underway, however. Well, we could hope that the production begins as soon as possible because the fans would be eagerly waiting for the release of the finale.

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