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Better Call Saul Season 6 Can it work being split into two parts?

Better Call Saul is only left with only one season.

Can it split the last season into two parts?

Better Call Saul Season 6 is to air in 2021. Episode 10 of Season 5, “Something Unforgivable” is the end of the latest season. It makes the fans wait for Season 6.


“Something Unforgivable” surprises fans by showing Kim Wexler making plans to expel her former boss Howard Hamlin. The episode shot in Mexico. Lalo Salamanca brings his lieutenant Nacho Varga so that he could meet the cartel boss Don Eladio.

Lalo’s competitor Gus called a hit on him unknown. Nacho assists assassins to murder Lalo. Unluckily for Gus and Nacho, Lalo survives the attack. 

The episode ends with his fury. It is a massive thriller and sets the stage for bigger things to be in Better Call Saul season 6, which will include 13 episodes. It’s possible that the final season could be split into two parts.

Better Call Saul taking elements from Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad split its last season into two parts – season “5A” and “5B”. According to series maker Vince Gilligan, the season is split to provide enough time for writers to have a pleasing ending.

However, the decision of splitting is right. It provides writers the time to bring up an iconic ending. A year gap creates a huge tension for the viewers. 

Better Call Saul’s splitting of the final season could have this effect. If season 6A ends with thrill. Then, it would increase the interest in season 6B ten times.

Better Call Saul takes elements from Breaking Bad, so it’s possible that season 6 could be split in two. Splitting of season 6 into two parts would give the writers enough time to make an iconic ending.

Better Call Saul Season 6 V/S Breaking Bad Season 5

Season 6 split into two parts is more sensual than for Breaking Bad because it would reduce strain on the team caused by the Coronavirus.

Better Call Saul season 6 has three more episodes that head it towards a bigger shoot. If season 6 divides in half, it suggests that the show could stay on track with the current schedule. 

And avoid any delays due to coronavirus, because they would only work on 6-7 episodes at a time. Season 6A having the first 6-7 episodes in 2021, and then season 6B airing in 2022. It would be easier for fans to wait for a little bit of time.

The Better Call Saul season 6’s writers are working on scripts during the stay-at-home order.

Some fans may be disappointed to wait an extra year for the last 6-7 episodes. If splitting of season 6 has similar results for Better Call Saul as it did for Breaking Bad season 5, then the finale for the former could be fulfilling.


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