Better Call Saul Season 5: What happened to Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad?


“Better Call Saul” has gradually introduced more and more characters from Breaking Bad, and Season 5 has more familiar faces than ever before.

Breaking Bad Character is set to appear in the upcoming Better Call Saul season. When the Bob Odenkirk-fronted spinoff first aired, Better Call Saul was spared his status as the title character and a better call predecessor with Jonathan Banks. ‘Mike Ehrmantra is the only two by-products in which less prominent characters burst.

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Once the spinoff had established itself as a successful series, however, the lines between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul were more familiar characters, more plot tie-ins, and more black and white later bad scenes. Blurred together.

Better Call Saul is now confirmed to end after Season 2, and Alignment with Breaking Bad is coming to earnest. 


After his brother’s death, Jimmy McGill, best known as a moral-inflexible lawyer, Saul Goodman, was almost done by the end of season 4, and whatever his aspirations were, he was an honest, successful legal practitioner. Was to happen. 

Elsewhere, the meth state of Gustavo Fringe is starting to cook, with Season 4 beginning to create an underground super-lab that provided an important setting for Breaking Bad. As a better call in its fifth season, here are all the bad characters that will make an appearance.

Better Call Saul Season 5 is undoubtedly the DEA’s hunk shredder. A constant thorn in Walter White’s brother-in-law and Albuquerque’s side of the drug industry, Gus’s ramp of operations made Hunk a natural addition to the final seasons of Better Call Saul. 

Hank was always one step behind the vault in Breaking Bad, and it would be fascinating to see non-talented criminals being more successfully bitten in the prequel. Breaking Bad sees Hunk suffering a series of defeats and failures until his final death.

AMC has revealed that Galbraith will posthumously appear in Better Call Saul Season 5. Given Ed’s role in making people disappear, he could potentially feature a better Call Saul in future calls after Breeding Bad, which would help identify Saul as a potential.

Alternatively, viewers can watch some of the other betters Call Saul characters using Ed’s services, thus explaining their absence in Breaking Bad, or detailing Jimmy and Ed being the first. Are familiar to others.