Better Call Saul Season 5 What Happened to Krazy 8? What is his Backstory?


The upcoming season BETTER CALL SAUL on Netflix and AMC. Within the two episodes of Better Call Saul, the fans will get to know the recaps about Krazy 8. Fans are going to see similar faces from the previous Breaking Bad.

About the Krazy 8 throwback:

Here, the second episode gives a vivid description of how Saul Goodman and Krazy 8 collided. As fans were curious after knowing that they’re favorite Krazy 8 survived bravely, the Walter White’s major phosphine gas explosion.


And later, he became a DEA informant. In the series Better Call Saul, Tuco Salamanca appointed him, and he sold drugs on behalf of him. When Lalo visited their reserve house, he accepted that a portion of the item given to the Salamanca association by Gustavo Fring was from a sub-par cluster fabricated by an obscure outsider.

In scene two, during a neighborly poker game between high individuals from the Salamanca association, Lalo gives Domingo the epithet Ocho Loco, after he deceived Lalo into collapsing a winning hand of a lot of eight’s.


Krazy-8, at that point, went to manage a managing issue at the Salamanca stash house, where police captured him with a little amount of precious stone meth. Later on, in season 3, he began working on cash payment with Domingo.

By the coming of season 4, he started working for Lalo Salamanca. As a result of all the previous arrangements, Krazy 8 assigned a lawyer who is going to represent him in the court with nacho choosing Saul Goodman.

About the background of this:

He has a degree in New Mexico University, and also he wanted to study music further but forced by his father and ended up in the business world.

In the breaking bad episodes, he got introduced to the watchers as Krazy 8.

The role of Krazy 8:

The purpose of Krazy 8 played by Maximino Arciniega. He is an American actor from Chicago. He also is known for Xavi in Harry Boch. He was recently seen in the film Duke city as Maco with Dean Norris.