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Best TV Shows about College and Students

(We all love to watch a good series on Netflix or Amazon. TV shows about students and college are gaining popularity these days because the major chunk of the audience comprises students.)

Students are struggling with studies and assignments and these shows bring them a fresh respite from the monotony of the curriculum. There are many such kinds but some emerged to be better than the rest. Several genres deal with students like drama, thriller, crime, etc. and they have all done a great job.

Students love these series because they can relate to the struggles and situations of the characters- be it relationships or studies. These characters manage to touch the hearts of students. If you are a student who also struggles with studies, homework, assignment, mental health, and other problems, we understand. If you find yourself in a fix you can always buy essay online to score top marks for your assignments. If anybody ever makes you feel bad about seeking help, do not listen. It’s tough to be a student where everyone expects you to do everything right.

We know enough about the struggles that students face from these TV shows and now let us look into the ones that made it to the list. How many have you watched?

Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

This comedy-drama series deals with a mother-daughter relationship with light-hearted humor injected with certain eyes-welling scenes. Often students have a tense relationship with their parents, especially single parents and this show has addressed all the issues very subtly without being preachy.

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It had its run for seven years but it does not get boring and only grows on you. One can feel it sink inside and before long you will find solace in this particular show.

How to Get Away With Murder (2014-2020)

With Viola Davis stealing the show as the strict professor who awes everyone with her personality, this show has taken thriller to a different level altogether. A group of 6 students along with their professor, find themselves enmeshed in a situation of murder. With their perseverance, efforts, and dexterity they are constantly in search of loopholes in the law that might help them escape.

Every episode ends with a cliff-hanger and you cannot help but watch the next one. Their aspirations and ambitions seem to be lost by a thread and more and more secrets come to the forefront. It has a total of 6 seasons and you won’t be able to stop watching it.

Sex Education (2019)

Sex education has an IMDB rating of 8.3 and has been embraced by people for several reasons. It is about a bunch of high school students who face several problems like mental health, parental issues, trauma, and of course sexuality.

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The angle of sexuality is entwined with adolescence and growing up and the way this show has touched upon it sensitively is remarkable. The protagonist’s mother is a sex therapist and it is through her that we get to seek so many answers to the much-tabooed questions.

Normal People (2020)

This Irish television drama series has made itself one of the most popular on this side of the globe. It is based on a novel by Sally Rooney and premises around the relationship of the protagonists. It stretched over their journey from their secondary school to Trinity College.

It has won an Emmy for outstanding direction and rightfully so. It is not another cheesy love story but deals with very practical issues at hand. It faithfully shows the pressures and fun of student life and how that can affect your judgment and life.

The Magicians (2015-2020)

The genre of this show is a little different. It is fantasy. We all love fantasy and for those of you who have grown up in Harry Potter and can’t have enough of it, this may be your right pick. It was first aired in May 2015.

The Brakebills University is the university of gifted teens who are looking to perfect their magic skills. One can totally decipher that the inspiration is drawn from none other than J.K. Rowling. However, the plot and treatment of the characters are much different when it comes to The Magicians.

It has an IMDB rating of 7.6 and a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This establishes the fact that it is enjoyed as much as people as it is applauded by critics. Often compared to The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, this show stands out to be one of its kind.

Final Words

So if you are burdened with studies and looking for a new entertainment where you won’t feel like your struggles are only yours, make your pick. Subscribe to OTT platforms and begin watching these awesome shows. They do make life much easier.



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