Top 12 Best Student Life Movies

Top 12 Best Student Life Movies

What to watch on a free night? Of course, movies about how teens live in colleges and universities!

Real-life college or uni looks completely different, but can you dream about partying? Watch our selection of movies about fun college life.


Van Wilder has been in college for six years, and he still can’t get his degree. But not because he’s the dumbest kid in his class, but because he’s madly in love with carefree college life. Unfortunately for him, he finds out that his father has no intention of continuing to pay for his son’s prolonged studies. And now he has only two options: either pay for the seventh year of fun on his own or… become, after all, a graduate! But by the number of parts, he won’t be a graduate for much longer…


If you miss the previous Miley, this movie is for you! Molly is smart and very uncooperative. She is a private investigator and the street is her natural element. When the FBI chooses her to go undercover at a sorority, she realizes she feels “out of place” among the spoiled, arrogant, and mercurial college girls. But Molly can’t refuse a top-secret mission: the life of the daughter of a key witness in an anti-mafia case is at stake…


A movie in the best tradition of American teen comedies! Sidney intends to join the college sorority her mother used to be a member of. But when she discovers that the once-glorious sorority is now run by a blond upstart named Rachel, she becomes disinclined. That’s when Sydney joins the college’s seven outcasts. And starts a war against Rachel.


A must-see with “Sidney White.” Seventeen-year-old Viola plays soccer better than any boy. When girls’ soccer practice is canceled, she decides to take the desperate step of impersonating her twin brother Sebastian. Living as a young boy, Viola falls in love with her roommate Duke, who is in love with student Olivia.

But Olivia is fascinated by Sebastian Viola. On the day of the decisive game, Viola has one thing left to do: prove that she is a real man. At least on the soccer field.


A Bartleby Gaines High School graduate received his eighth rejection for college admission, which, of course, is unlikely to make his parents happy. Fortunately, he’s not the only one. Several classmate friends face the same problem. If they had enough knowledge or at least used essay help, this situation would not arise, but now a guy with dismal prospects needs to somehow appease his parents and win the favor of the beautiful Monica. He decides to found his own university!

“PITCH PERFECT” – 2 parts

Bekah Mitchell is enrolled at Barden University. She dreams of working for one of the record companies in Los Angeles and has a passion for writing music. The girl is not sympathetic to various college fraternities and clubs but falls into the sphere of interest of one of the women’s groups. The fact is that Becky has a beautiful voice, and the women’s group needs a new soloist. The band members do everything they can to lure her into the group because the annual competition at the young singers’ competition is coming up.

“LEGALLY BLONDE ” – 3 parts

Elle Woods seems to have everything a modern girl could want. She’s a beauty, president of the university sorority, and holds the title of Miss June. She also has an amazing boyfriend. And the only thing Elle dreams of is becoming Mrs. Warner Huntington III. But it turns out that Warner thinks her friend is too windy.

And instead of the long-awaited marriage proposal, he reveals to Elle his cunning plans: to enter Harvard Law School and marry an intelligent, intellectual girl. After spending a couple of weeks in hysterics and eating several pounds of chocolates, the main character goes to Harvard to bring back her beloved.


The carefree and colorful “vanilla caramel” life of a seductive model girl in a Playboy mansion turns into living in her dilapidated car in an instant. But suddenly the main character falls a unique chance: to regain accommodation and become the leader of a clan of “gray mice”.

The girls of the student dormitory “Alpha Zeta Alpha” are in a deplorable state. Odd, weird-looking, unsightly – individualists who firmly believe that you should stand out with your mind, not your looks. But this belief can cost them housing. After all, if the dormitory does not fill up with new tenants, it will simply be shut down.


A recent schoolgirl has ambitious plans to enroll in the best law school. But before she applies, she wants to visit all the appropriate schools and choose a place for her future studies. Things get complicated when her father, a professional policeman who is trying too hard to protect his child from any worries and problems, is called to accompany the applicant. If it were up to him, he would not let his daughter leave the house at all!


Miles Richards is a young boy from an aristocratic family who has become a student at Oxford University. On his first day of college, he met his roommate Alistair, a charming girl named Lauren, and several other freshmen from rich and famous families. After some time, Miles not only learns about the secret society “Rebel Club”, but also becomes a member.

To get into this society is almost impossible, because of the huge number of students, only ten people are in it. Therefore, the main character is very happy to be part of this club. But soon the amusement of rich, selfish, and spoiled young people leads to very tragic consequences.


After her divorce, Alice returns to college to complete her education. Her roommate turns out to be Zoe, a girl the same age as Alice’s daughter. Despite Zoe’s extravagant behavior and great age difference, a friendship develops between the women.


Ryan and Jennifer hated each other from the first time they met as children. When they met again in their youth, the feeling only grew stronger. But later, in college, Ryan’s attitude toward girls naturally changed. Plus, his roommate was the restless fantasist Hunter. And that’s when he and Jennifer meet again!