Best Lesbian Movies on Netflix


We have the acceptance of this cast ‘Lesbian’ and that is the best part of a society that it except each and every persons choice to be and to live the life.

Best Lesbian Movies About

So here are we with some entertainment part for these kind of people and for others also who are interested in these. There have been made and lot of Lesbian movies which are around in the top list of entertainment movies in the world.


If anyone of you has been into a mood of seeing something or watch something shorter then you are add the right place, here is the list of some lesbian series, which for all if you are free to watch. You can watch it online so here is the list of the lesbian TV shows. The list is preferably for those kind of people who were finding extensive list of some lesbian non-fiction books

In the year 2020 there has been a new list made which has been including the best movies on the Netflix of lesbians. If you are interested to watch a true story or a drama movie or any kind of light hearted Comedy film or a web series if you want to watch, there has been a great collection which has been made of the lesbian film shows.

The Prom

The first recommendation is of the prom,
It is an comedy film it is based on a fantasy it is directed by  ryan murphy screenplay by bob martin and chad beguelin and it is based on the prom which is  by chad beguelin  it is produced by  ryan murphy, alexis martin woodall adam anders  don berinstein and it is starring Meryl streap,james corden,nicole kidman the cinematography is done by  Mathew libatique it is edited by the music of the film is given by mathew sklar,david klotz the production companies are and Murphy production and the distributed by Netflix.

It was originally released in the year 2020 on same before and running time of the series is 131 minutes and the country of origin is United States the language is English and the box office on is Dollar 187,430.

It is based on the high school for the president of High School and President announces that the schools Brom is cancelled because of Mr as a more wanted to bring girls to the school for the dance this has won the award in the year 2021 on March 31 for the best achievement in decor and the design of a comedy or musical feature film.

The Half of It

This is recommended as second movie on Netflix it is about the comedy drama or it is an American movie it is directed by alice wu and it is also written by alice wu hu it is produced by Anthony Bregman,M blair Bread, alice wu  and it is starring leah lewis , daniel diemer,alexxis lemire wolfgang novogratz cinematography is done by greta zozula  it is edited by  Ian blume, lee percy the music is given by Anton Sanko  the production companies are  likely story and it is distributed by Netflix the release date is in the year 2020 on May 18 and the running time of the is 104 minutes and the country of origin is United States and their languages English. It was released in 2020 on May 1.

Ride or Die

The third recommended movie is ride or die it is an Japanese romantic drama film which is directed by  ryuichi hiroki screenplay by nami sakkawa  it is based on gunjo by ching  Nakamura it is saying the music is given by haruomi hosono.

It is distributed by Netflix release date is in the year 2021 on April 15 the running time of is 142 minutes and the country of origin is depend and original languages Japanese. It is about the classmate which was suffering from the violence from the domestic violence which is by the husband he never shows love to his wife and she was struggling for the emotions.

Let it snow

The fourth recommendation is for Let It Snow it is a 2019 film it is basically a romantic comedy film which is about the American Christmas it is directed by luke snellin  the screenplay by laura solon, Victoria, kay cannon it is based on Let It Snow three holiday romances with his by John Green.

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It is produced by dylan clark  and  Alexa faigen it is starring isabela, shameik ,kiernan the cinematography is done by Jeff it is edited by evan henke  and the music is given by keegan dewitt the production companies are the dylan  clark  production it is distributed by Netflix it was originally released in the year 2019 on November 8 in United States and Canada the running time of it is 92 minutes the country of origin is United States and the original languages English.

I Care a Lot

The fifth recommendation is for several lot it is an American comedy film which is thriller it is directed by Jay blackson and written by j blackson it is produced by teddy schwarzman, ben stillman,michael heimer,j blakeson cinematography is done by doug emmelt.

It is edited by mark eckersley , music is given by marc canham the production companies are stx films , black bear pictures . It is distributed by Netflix. It was released in the year 2020 on September 12 and on February 19 in the year 2020 in the United States.

The running time is of 1 18 minutes the country of origin is the United States and the original language is English the box office earning is Dollar 1.3 million.


The concluded part is under that article has all the information for the best lesbian movies on Netflix it is recommended for the prom the half of it ride or dry or let it snow and I care a lot you can have a look on them and watch your favourite Netflix movies all the information about them is available in the article.

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